ONUG Collaborative Working Groups Kick Off 2022

Members of The ONUG Collaborative Working Groups are delivering solutions to the challenges faced by today’s Enterprise Multi-Cloud Community. Composed of both vendors and cloud consumers from some of the largest companies in the world, these Working Groups focus on delivering best-in-class solutions, both on-premise and off. 

Here’s a quick update on the initiatives being worked on by ONUG’s Automated Cloud Governance, Network Cloud, Cloud Native Security and AIOps Working Groups. 

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Automated Cloud Governance Working Group
The Automated Cloud Governance (ACG) working group is currently focused on delivering the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) iteration of the Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF), codenamed “Birthday Cake.” This version will be demonstrated live at ONUG Spring 2022 and discussed during select conference sessions.  The MVP will focus on the “Anomalous User Behavior” use case.  

Network Cloud Working Group (Formerly Elastic Infrastructure )
The Network Cloud team is poised to publish their 2022 White Paper entitled  “Elastic Services Infrastructure – A Playbook for the Journey to Agile Network Infrastructure“. This white paper is intended to give guidance for organizations to make informed choices that reflect not just their business requirements but allows them to easily migrate and adapt their environments to exploit the constant evolution of Secure Cloud ecosystems. 

Cloud Native Security Working Group
The Cloud Native Security Working Group is composed of participants from enterprise cloud consumers and producers alike. Its goals are straightforward yet ambitious: we seek to explore the world of cloud security in all of its variety and complexity. We are officially vendor agnostic in terms of the problem space we cover. We began in 2021 to make public these explorations in our CNS blog and podcasting series on ONUG.net. Our efforts have focused on journeys into the evolution of application architectures, the security requirements that attend the present, Cloud Native application context, the critical matter of understanding app and data telemetry, and the rise of Zero Trust principles. We look forward to continuing and further advancing these efforts in 2022. Please join us if you are interested in making a contribution to advancing the practice of effective enterprise Cloud security.

The AIOps Working group is preparing to release a survey to the ONUG community.  The objective of the survey is to assess where the community is along their AIOps journey and what challenges they may be facing.  There are also some questions to help assess the most interesting use cases being considered by ONUG members for AIOps solutions. To achieve rich, meaningful results we will be reading out to the ONUG community to share this survey with the appropriate people in your organization. Stay tuned for more details on this. If you would like to receive a copy of the survey, please be sure to sign up on the ONUG.net website for Working Group Updates 

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