Working Group Updates from ONUG Spring 2022

For those who attend technical conferences, it’s hard not to come away with the energy to execute on new ideas. I’m certainly feeling that way after ONUG Spring 2022. Attendees at the conference showed an overwhelming interest in the Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF) and how it can reduce toil for the SecOps community. The success of the CSNF demonstration at ONUG Spring, and the proven value that it will provide to the ONUG Community of cloud consumers, provides even more motivation for ONUG’s Automated Cloud Governance Working Group to launch the next version of the CSNF Decorator – named the “Wedding Cake” iteration of CSNF.

ONUG’s CSP and Enterprise members will be laser focused on the completion of the Canonical Data Model (CDM), which is at the heart of CSNF. Finalizing the initial standard for the CDM will put all users in a position to begin the piloting and deployment phases for CSNF. The most important outcomes of ONUG Spring’s CSNF demonstration were the ability of SecOps teams to reduce the number of SOAR playbooks that need to be managed and the ability to bring order to chaos by making security messaging more meaningful.

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the CSNF demonstration was showing the ability of third-party applications to consume CSNF outputs and take action. Specifically, Orchestration & Automation leader, Gluware, established that they could transform CSNF outputs into immediate, automated actions. Running audits, executing routing, and switching commands to contain systems and/or networks were all on display as well.

Now is the perfect time for your organization to get involved in CSNF. Get information on the ONUG Collaborative Working Groups by visiting us at ONUG or by contacting us directly at ONUG or by contacting us directly at If you would like to learn more about CSNF, please visit our Netlify site.

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Mark Tierney