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Cloud Native DevOps and Digital Transformation: Today and Tomorrow

In the Trenches with Hearts and Minds: DevOps as “Settled Science” or Largely an Uncontrolled Experiment?

What are the Big Questions in DevOps Today?

Creating a Standardized a Security Information Model To Avoid Building Your Own Security Rocket Ship

Every corporation is building their own security data consumption systems of significant size, complexity, cost and staffing to answer specific security and governance control related questions.   These systems are typically called a Security Data Lake with the goal of ingesting curated events from across CSP’s and on-prem devices; then enriching, filtering, applying ML and […]

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Public Cloud: Just More Hype Or A Permanent Change In Computing?

According to the business press and industry industry buzz, advanced cloud services that use AI and ML have engendered a digital transformation that is elevating IT from a service organization into a central part of all business activity. It seems that every corporation is moving business processes to the cloud en masse. Business continuity planning […]

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