OCI Networking 101

Cisco Proof of Concept: Network as Code! Automate VXLAN EVPN fabric with Ansible and DCNM​

With the growing complexity of the modern data center network, there are compelling requirements for network engineers to embrace automation frameworks like Ansible. Cisco DCNM provides comprehensive automation of VXLAN EVPN fabric, with Ansible provides the right path to Network as Code. This POC demo will walk you through how to apply CI/CD pipeline on network operation in action with open source tools.  

BlueCat Proof of Concept: One IPspace to Rule Them All Using the Power of Automation

See how BlueCat Cloud Discovery & Visibility helps resolve cloud and data center IP space conflicts to reduce downtime and accelerate application delivery. Cloud and DevOps teams are continually standing up new compute in multi-cloud environments, tearing it down and moving workloads. But many legacy DDI systems weren’t designed to scale up and down at the speed of DevOps resulting in IP conflicts, errors and costly outages. Network teams need automated visibility of IP utilization to ensure they can see beyond network silos and blind…

NetBrain Open Session: Automation for Every Intent

The concept of “network intent” has generated a lot of discussions in networking and IT circles over the past few years, but what does intent actually mean for network uptime and smoother network operations? As it turns out, intent means a whole lot – networks are not just clusters of nodes, but rather consist of thousands of intents, such as application paths, security policies, and so much more. In this open session, join NetBrain’s Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, Chris Villemez and Rick Larkin, Manager, Pre-Sale…

Arrcus Proof of Concept: Hybrid Cloud Virtual Routing

Arrcus Multi-cloud networking solution simplifies hybrid cloud connectivity between data center, edge and cloud providers with a routing-centric, hyperscale software. Designed from first principles, Arrcus MCN comprising of ArcEdge and ArcOrchestrator provides a flexible solution to integrate into any of the brownfield network to support onramps to cloud with low latency and hyperscale performance. Enterprises can deploy ArcEdge in any location of their choice and interconnect distributed application sites with ease.

BluVector Proof of Concept: Advanced Threat Detection & Automated Threat Hunting

This PoC begins by detailing BluVector’s core product – Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) and how it expands visibility in your network traffic analysis by providing more quality analytics. This is done with multiple Machine-Learning Engines (MLEs) correlating all network events with Speculative Code Execution Engines (SCEs), probability & analytics engines, and other asset illuminators to prioritize threat notifications at line speed. We then take the viewer on a journey into our newest product – Automated Threat Hunting (ATH) and how it can be used to…

Pensando Open Session – Connecting the Dots In The Modern Data Center

As enterprise data centers adopt turn-key technologies to drive agility and cost efficiencies, the network layer, when contrasted with compute and virtualization infrastructure, is typically the least agile component to design, configure, and operate. When it comes to troubleshooting and driving operational efficiencies, network issues such as congestion and packet errors are heightened due to the complex interaction between the network and the teams managing multi-vendor, hyper-converged solutions in both large-scale data centers and remote office IT environments.  In this open session we will outline…

Cato Networks Proof of Concept: Cato Networks SASE Cloud In Action

In this PoC we are going to show how Cato’s SASE Cloud can serve as an elastic infrastructure to connect and secure on-premise and cloud resources all over the world, add more branches to the network with near-zero effort, and onboard thousands of remote workers seamlessly and without compromising on security or performance.

Riverbed Open Session: The Future of Networking and Cybersecurity Across Complex Hybrid Environments

What does the network of the future look like? Riverbed will delve into this topic, including the critical role of visibility in identifying and mitigating cybersecurity threats, in a live open session. Join us for a fireside chat with networking and security experts who will share Riverbed’s vision to provide the breadth and depth of analysis that is needed for NetSecOps to quickly address and remediate issues across complex and hybrid environments.

Pensando Academy: Establishing & Expanding Your Enterprise Source of Truth

In this ONUG Academy session from Pensando we will discuss the importance of data integration and the difficulties that are often encountered in collecting, normalizing and modelling data in a way that is easily consumable.   Developer focus on internals and API’s often results in useful, feature rich applications that never realize their full value as they are too hard to operationalize.   Topics covered in this session: The benefits of leveraging open source vs bespoke applications The challenges of data integration and real-time stream processing The…