Itential Open Session: The State of Network Automation: Past, Present, & Future

Join network automation veterans Peter Sprygada of Itential and Brad Thornton of Red Hat for a lively discussion on the evolution of network automation technology – where we are today and where the industry is headed as they tackle topics such as pipelines, low-code / no-code, source of truth and more.

Arrcus Open Session: Edge Networking Transformation for Enterprises

Cradlepoint Academy: A Wireless WAN Using 5G Requires a High Availability Routing and NOC/SOC Strategy

Today’s network is not a straightforward routing only proposition.  Network engineers not only need to be the expert on all kinds of routing and protocols, but they also need to have a good understanding of security.  The melding of the WAN edge with the security perimeter are the normal now.  Pull in Wireless WAN with 5G and security, you have a whole new way of doing business.  Remember the edge isn’t just in buildings any longer: in-vehicles, pop-up locations, IoT devices, and on and on…. …

Ciena Open Session: Sharpen your IT Edge with a Multi-cloud, Edge Compute Virtualized Network Discussion

With the ongoing shifts to successive waves of Cloud infrastructure, enterprises are becoming eco-systems of inter-connected cloud services, adopting technologies and services from multiple cloud providers in the form of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.  In this new environment, the Cloud has become the new Data Center, and the Internet the new Network.  A key feature on this environment is that most digital enterprises no longer aim to own and manage infrastructure & platforms.  Instead, they are seeking to leverage managed cloud services and relying on…

Alkira Open Session: Step-by-Step Cloud Network Design for Enterprise Cloud Agility

The journey to the cloud may end up being a perilous one, if proper attention is not spent on designing scalable and resilient network and security infrastructure. Unfortunately, many enterprises end up adopting costly hardware-based models or complicated do-it-yourself (DIY) software solutions to address the cloud networking and security needs. Neither of these approaches provide the agility and efficiency required from IT teams in the cloud era. In this interactive session we will take you on the step-by-step network journey to the cloud using Alkira’s…

DXC Cybersecurity Open Session: Zero Trust in Today’s Virtual World

In this session, we will discuss Zero Trust basics and why it is important in today’s environment of hybrid cloud and enabling an increasingly virtual workforce. We’ll talk about practical implementations and explain technologies like single packet authentication and conditional access.

Pensando Open Session

Zscaler Open Session: Enabling Enterprise Digital Transformation – Illustrated

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about digital business transformation, but has anyone talked to you about what it means for your organization? Why does it matter? What does it entail, and how do you start? In this video whiteboarding session, you’ll have the chance to hear from Zscaler’s Global Customer Success Leader, Brian Deitch, about the drivers of digital transformation, get answers to your questions, and learn how to take the first steps—or the next steps—on your journey. The session will cover a range…

Broadcom Open Session: Broadcom Continues to Innovate with Industry-Recognized Network Congestion Monitoring and Microburst Detection powered by Silicon and Open Source gNMI

Broadcom pushes the limits of modern network monitoring, delivering features like chipset network visibility, high scalability, and one of the strongest suites of network analytics capabilities in the industry,” says Shamus McGillicuddy, VP of Research, EMA. Join Broadcom as we uncover why Broadcom is the leading network observability vendor and recognized for delivering a new approach to monitoring network congestion caused by dynamic and unpredictable workloads. Congestion events and microbursts are hard to detect using traditional monitoring techniques which are mostly polling based. In this…

Aviatrix Open Session: Secure Single-Cloud and Multi-Cloud Networking with Deep Visibility ​

In this session, we’ll cover the many challenges enterprises face during their digital and cloud transformation journeys with a focus on Public Cloud. We will go through the networking, security, and operational challenges in a single cloud like AWS, Azure, GCP, or OCI as well as the challenges enterprises face when in multiple clouds.