Broadcom Open Session: Broadcom Continues to Innovate with Industry-Recognized Network Congestion Monitoring and Microburst Detection powered by Silicon and Open Source gNMI

Fall 2021

Broadcom pushes the limits of modern network monitoring, delivering features like chipset network visibility, high scalability, and one of the strongest suites of network analytics capabilities in the industry,” says Shamus McGillicuddy, VP of Research, EMA. Join Broadcom as we uncover why Broadcom is the leading network observability vendor and recognized for delivering a new approach to monitoring network congestion caused by dynamic and unpredictable workloads. Congestion events and microbursts are hard to detect using traditional monitoring techniques which are mostly polling based. In this session, we will explain how Broadcom leverages gNMI (gRPC network management protocol), a highly efficient open source technology, to stream telemetry data to the collector. We will demonstrate how network hotspots can be easily identified and correlated to affected applications using gNMI and Broadcom silicon.

Bhaskar Chinni is an accomplished product management leader with more than 20 years of experience in delivering commercial grade solutions deployed in various datacenter and service provider networks around the world. He held various positions in product management and engineering organizations with focus on L2/L3 protocols, network management & observability and time synchronization. Bhaskar holds master degrees in computer applications (MCA) and business administration (MBA).

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