Itential Open Session: The State of Network Automation: Past, Present, & Future

Fall 2021

Join network automation veterans Peter Sprygada of Itential and Brad Thornton of Red Hat for a lively discussion on the evolution of network automation technology – where we are today and where the industry is headed as they tackle topics such as pipelines, low-code / no-code, source of truth and more.


Peter Sprygada serves as the Vice President, Product Management at Itential after serving as the Chief Technology Officer at Pureport where he was responsible for their multi-cloud network as a service interconnect platform. Prior to Pureport, Sprygada was a Distinguished Engineer for Red Hat, where he played the role of Chief Architect for the Ansible Automation Platform. Sprygada also held senior technical and leadership positions at Arista and Cisco, as well as several networking startups.

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