Is Your IT Orchestration Intelligent Enough for the Digital Future?

Enterprises have embarked upon the digital transformation journey for the last decade. We have learned that it’s not just a technological shift, but an organizational change in people, process and technology. The transformation itself is a multi-faceted change of the organization that renders the enterprise nimble, agile and efficient enabling the business to flourish. Figure […]

Koch Industries Deploys Alkira for Its Cloud Networking Journey

As more and more companies move to the cloud, the question becomes one of network infrastructure. How do organizations design, deploy and support a cloud-based network? Is it possible to achieve the end-to-end visibility that organizations require? Does the level of complexity make it impossible to securely manage resources? Listen to Matt Hoag, Senior Enterprise […]

Automating NetOps in a Multi-Cloud World

Across industries, enterprise network architects are adding new agility and flexibility to their network infrastructure stacks through public cloud technologies like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings. While the benefits of network elasticity, cost savings, and capex avoidance are relatively well understood, NetOps professionals often struggle with managing […]

Demand for Tools to Operationalize Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Networks in 2021

The consensus among ONUG Fall 2020 attendees was that the global health crisis accelerated digital transformation, but the transformation was not equal across the enterprise. Employees began to work from home, and businesses moved more applications to the cloud for worldwide accessibility. What didn’t change were the tools to help with that transformation. Now, a […]

Multi-Cloud Security Gets A Decorator

Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF) Decorator From Learning/Discovery to Building This brief document sets out to succinctly communicate objectives, goals, desired outcome and next steps to realize the promise of the ONUG Collaborative’s Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF) benefits. Companies driving CSNF are Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Raytheon, FedEx, Cigna, Goldman Sachs, […]

Using Network Automation to Address Cybersecurity Threats

The widespread impact of the SolarWinds (Sunburst and Supernova) security hacks sent network teams scrambling to react, assess the impact and mitigate any potential damage. Organizations needed to conduct a forensic assessment phase to determine if they were affected then follow the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) emergency directive 21-01 to take steps to […]

How will the Fortune 500 adopt SASE?

In 2019, Gartner defined a new category, that it said will transform network security as we know it – the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). What is SASE? It is a new architecture to deliver common networking and security capabilities to every user, accessing any application, at any location, in a consistent way. This value […]

Amplify Your Development with an Edge Platform

During his keynote presentation at ONUG Fall 2020, Paul Savill, Senior Vice-President of Enterprise Services at Lumen Technologies, noted that more companies are recognizing the value of data in three ways: Acquire. Corporations are collecting data from sources throughout the enterprise, including at the edge. Analyze. Organizations are looking at that data in different ways […]

Cultivating Diversity: Strategies and Approaches

Technology companies have a diversity and inclusion problem. Many have promised to improve, but the reality is few have made significant headway. Google reported improvement in 2020 but still fell short of what would be considered a diverse workforce. 5.5% of employees were Black 6.6% of employees identified as Latinx  32.5% of employees were women […]

How Technology Enabled ERM’s Employees to Work from Anywhere

A remote-first workforce presents challenges for IT. It’s one thing to download a file using the office network. It’s an entirely different experience when trying to download that same file from halfway around the world. Ian Trueman, Director of IT Operations at ERM, faced exactly that situation as more end-users began working from home. This […]

How Gluware Helped Acuity’s Complex EVPN Network Management Easy

As more organizations expand their digital footprint, they will grow to depend on network reliability, security, and adaptability. Traffic patterns will change as remote workers continue to increase. Network reliability will become increasingly important as a disruption in service means a disturbance throughout the enterprise.   Manual configuration is error-prone, which is why many companies are […]

The Network Landscape: Acute Disruption

Over 95% of business executives believe that the pandemic accelerated their digital transformation.  Analysts suggest that COVID-19 accelerated the worldwide digital transformation by five to six years, making it an acute disruption in how the world does business. Daniel Lawson of Verizon agrees, indicating that networks are at the center of this shift. In this […]