Application Architectures: It’s been a journey

ONUG Cloud Native Security Working Group Blog Series #1 Over the next several quarters, the ONUG Cloud Native Security Working Group will be publishing a set of short articles that examine different aspects of modern application security –new threats, the role of big data and machine learning in addressing those threats, how security interacts with […]

The Cloud Security Notification Framework – Bringing Value to Hybrid-Multi-Cloud Consumers

As an old IT Ops person, it’s easy to look back at a career full of important, necessary tasks.  Stuff needed to get done.  People needed to do them.  I was one of those people.  It was a sobering day when I came to realize that “necessary” didn’t really mean valuable from a business perspective.  […]

ONUG Collaborative’s Cloud Security Notification Framework Decorator

As more companies move to a multi-cloud environment, their IT departments become inundated with security notifications. Trying to make sense of these statuses can be challenging as each cloud provider has its own notification formats. Adding one provider doesn’t mean doubling the notifications; the data grows exponentially until enterprises reach the “wall of worry.”  Large […]

A Huge Thank You

  It’s just been a few weeks since ONUG Spring gathered over 3,000 Global 2000 IT community members in the largest spring meeting to date. It was our third live virtual event, and we’ve all become pros adapting to the new technology. You can see it in how speakers, sponsors and community members are engaged, […]

ONUG Concludes Biannual Spring 2021 Event and Announces New Board Member, Award Recipients and Upcoming Projects

Enterprise cloud community offers sneak peek of ONUG Fall 2021 BOSTON – May 24, 2021 – ONUG, an open enterprise cloud community of Global 2000 IT business leaders, announced the completion of its Spring 2021 event. ONUG Spring hosted over 3,000 attendees digitally, including Global 2000 IT executives and practitioners from nearly 100 countries as […]

The Increasing Importance of Using APIs for Network Orchestration and Automation

Blog #1 in a Series on APIs from the ONUG O&A Working Group We have all clamored for programmatic control and more intelligence in our networks and applications for years. We want to automate high-value repeatable tasks to eliminate toil in our programming world. In response, software developers released Application Programming Interfaces or APIs, essentially, more code […]

Bringing It All Together: Are You Ready for the Largest ONUG to Date?

Thanks to the open ONUG Community of digital architects and designers, we made a digital pivot last year and kept the community together at a time when we needed each other most. We continued our collaboration and expanded the community by a factor of four. ONUG Spring used to be the smaller version of ONUG […]

Demand for Tools to Operationalize Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Networks in 2021

The consensus among ONUG Fall 2020 attendees was that the global health crisis accelerated digital transformation, but the transformation was not equal across the enterprise. Employees began to work from home, and businesses moved more applications to the cloud for worldwide accessibility. What didn’t change were the tools to help with that transformation. Now, a […]

Multi-Cloud Security Gets A Decorator

Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF) Decorator From Learning/Discovery to Building This brief document sets out to succinctly communicate objectives, goals, desired outcome and next steps to realize the promise of the ONUG Collaborative’s Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF) benefits. Companies driving CSNF are Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Raytheon, FedEx, Cigna, Goldman Sachs, […]

Amplify Your Development with an Edge Platform

During his keynote presentation at ONUG Fall 2020, Paul Savill, Senior Vice-President of Enterprise Services at Lumen Technologies, noted that more companies are recognizing the value of data in three ways: Acquire. Corporations are collecting data from sources throughout the enterprise, including at the edge. Analyze. Organizations are looking at that data in different ways […]

Analyst View of 2021

After the year we’ve experienced, no one feels comfortable making predictions. Look what happened to all those “2020 Trends”. This session isn’t about predicting the future but about identifying how 2020 changed the tech industry. Greg Ferro, Johna Till Johnson, and Nick Lippis look at ways the pandemic has redirected how businesses view technology. Sales […]

Leadership in the Digital Era

As the world moves towards a more distributed and diverse working environment, leadership takes on a new meaning. It begins to apply to everyone because it needs to become a mindset, not just a skillset. During an ONUG Fall 2020 session, these four women discussed concepts that every leader should keep in mind: Radia Perlman, […]