Gluware Network RPA to Take the Stage at ONUG Spring 2022 – The Future of the Network is Hyperautomation

Today kicks off the first day of ONUG Spring 2022, the premier biannual event for the ONUG Community. At this year’s conference, the enterprise cloud community will convene to discuss ongoing challenges and the application of solutions for some of the most pressing issues hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises face. As a co-founder of ONUG, I’ve […]

Multi-cloud Is Enterprise Computing

Enterprise computing is entering its fourth evolution. The large enterprise market has adopted mainframe, client-server, internet and now multicloud computing. And just like the previous computing cycles, multi-cloud is driven by business unit developers. That is, developers use the best tools available to write applications that create business value. They are not wed to any […]

You Know It Works Because You Saw it at ONUG

Helping Cloud Professionals understand the building blocks needed to construct multi-cloud infrastructure There is a massive on-prem infrastructure build about to take place in the mid to large enterprise as evident in the $600B+ 2021 Venture Capital start-up investment bonanza. Let me explain.    Application developer requirements are forcing infrastructure teams to build and run multi-cloud […]

Discover your Cloud Security Posture Maturity Level

ONUG Cloud Native Security Working Group Blog Series Introduction Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) is currently one of the fastest growing areas within the field of cloud security; most security vendors are now offering or developing CSPM capabilities. However, enterprises are still trying to build the most effective CSPM program to fit their environment. In […]

ONUG Collaborative Update – February, 2022

The first quarter of 2022 has been incredibly busy and exciting for the ONUG Collaborative. As ONUG rallies around the multi-cloud attributes of Connect, Secure, Observe and Automate, the Collaborative Working Groups have gained improved focus on how to deliver value to our members. There are several initiatives worth highlighting: The Cloud Security Notification Framework […]

A More Secure Digital Future

A More Secure Digital Future During my long career, there has been one constant requirement I often hear, “I want to see an end-to-end view of an application.” This is the holy grail to assure great user experience, assure security and observability.  Developers, IT infrastructure and operational teams struggle every day with this lack of […]

Zero Trust: An Overnight Sensation Decades Later

Introduction Years after the term was coined by Stephen Paul Marsh in 1994 and popularized by John Kindervag more than a decade ago, Zero Trust has become the “new” security solution that addresses the confluence of today’s three critical factors and the emergence of what amounts to a cyber-war on businesses and governments. Zero Trust […]

Zero Trust: The Critical Essence – An Introduction

On January 12, 2010 Google wrote a blog revealing to the world that it had been breached by attackers sponsored by a nation state.  The attack is now known as ‘Operation Aurora’.[i] Subsequent investigations showed that many other enterprises and government organizations had also been breached by the same attackers.  Among other things, these hackers […]

ONUG Collaborative Working Groups Kick Off 2022

Members of The ONUG Collaborative Working Groups are delivering solutions to the challenges faced by today’s Enterprise Multi-Cloud Community. Composed of both vendors and cloud consumers from some of the largest companies in the world, these Working Groups focus on delivering best-in-class solutions, both on-premise and off.  Here’s a quick update on the initiatives being […]

Town Hall Meeting: Who Will Close the Gaps in Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Infrastructure?

The Era of the Cloud has made many pie-in-the-sky promises about more consistent, efficient, and resilient IT infrastructures, and has done an admirable job of meeting much of that potential. But there’s still a gap in what businesses want and need from a hybrid/multi-cloud infrastructure, and the industry’s capabilities to meet those needs.  ONUG’s own […]