The Beautiful Art of Listening

“Listen to me!” “Pay attention to what I’m saying!” These are not uncommon things to hear in a relationship, particularly ones that are in stress. My ex-wife used to say I didn’t listen to her…or something like that. There’s a lesson, yes, right there. We live in an extraordinary time where platforms abound from which we can be heard, but is anyone really listening?

While preparing for ONUG Fall 2022, I had the privilege of recording promotional video snippets for many of ONUG’s supplier partners. The purpose of those snippets was to give our suppliers a chance to pitch what they’ll be demonstrating at the conference in Manhattan, October 19th and 20th. What I was surprised to hear from nearly every single supplier was their sincere desire to LISTEN to the ONUG attendees. Of particular interest was wanting to learn more about customers’ needs during their digital transformation journeys. ONUG supplier partners want to listen; there’s a clear desire to adjust and adapt their products and services so they can bring real value to their customers.

This is the culture of ONUG. Our voices are louder and more impactful when we speak together as a community. We are fortunate that the suppliers are passionate about listening so they can address our challenges. 

Thankfully I get to be a part of the process that enables this bidirectional communication between suppliers and enterprise consumers. I hope you’ll be able to attend the ONUG Conference in Manhattan, and be inspired to join the ONUG Collaborative…where listening is an art!

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Mark Tierney