Top 5 Sessions at ONUG Fall We Can’t Wait to See

October can’t get here fast enough.

ONUG Fall 2022 kicks off on the 19th and promises to bring a ton of actionable content focused on this event’s theme: building secure, observable, and automated enterprise multi-cloud infrastructures.

For two days, the Enterprise Cloud Community will gather in NYC to tackle big challenges and bigger solutions for cost-effective and secure multi-cloud architectures. This includes strategic and tactical ways to operationalize DevSecOps in the enterprise.

But while we think all of the speakers and panels in the lineup are must-see occasions, there are five sessions in particular that catch our eye.

Here’s our list of the ONUG Fall 2022 Sessions we can’t wait to enjoy.

Will Multi-Cloud Deliver For You?

Enterprise computing has become intertwined with multi-cloud computing, not because it’s easy or simple – anything but – but because multi-cloud delivers the best assortment of tools, constructs, and control for developers.

However, is multi-cloud too difficult and complex? And are all its capabilities actually necessary – or even usable by developers?

This panel will explore questions such as can a multi-cloud strategy help with building resilient architectures? How do you make multi-cloud security management easy and seamless for developers and how can developers get vested in security? We’re excited to learn the answers in this panel featuring Mark Tierney (CTO of ONUG), James Beeson (CISO, Cigna), Daniel Conroy (Corp. VP Enterprise Infrastructure Services, Raytheon Technologies), and Gene Sun (CVP, CISO FedEx). 

Multi-cloud is the present and future, but what form it’ll take in the near future is anyone’s guess. It’ll be very educational to watch this panel take on that challenge. 

DevSecOps@ONUG Keynote Presentation- The Obvious Evolution of Observability: Shifted ALL the Way Left

It starts the beginning with the keynote, delivered by Pete Cheslock, the Head of Growth and Community for AppLand.

Observability has become a major area of focus for DevSecOps over the past decade, and yet, for all the progress that’s been made in monitoring, the practice is still too passive and not nearly proactive enough.

One key challenge is that by the time customers encounter a problem – whether it’s in the data center or the cloud – the damage has already been done. Whether or not the current generation of observability tools can adopt a proactive approach for modern enterprise is one topic that’ll be discussed by Pete in the keynote.

This session promises to be enlightening as it touches on issues that rarely are addressed in such a direct way – which is why it makes our top 5 list for ONUG Fall 2022.

Do You Need to Build Edge Computing for Your Sensors?

The number of networked sensors in use today continues to skyrocket – and as it grows, so does the challenge of solving latency and direct access issues.

The reality is that while edge computing and network edge breakout are becoming solutions to the problems presented by networked sensors, there’s a problem in and of itself that has to be addressed: namely, whether you should build or buy an edge computing infrastructure.

Both options have their merits – and ramifications for their users. To sort out the edge computing and networking breakout stack and help infrastructure teams make informed choices is the purpose of this panel, featuring Aryo Kresnadi (Technical Director, Global Enterprise Network, FedEx) and Shafeeq Shaikh (Global Head and Senior Leader, Technology Services, Johnson & Johnson).

It’ll be interesting to see which side the experts fall on in the buy vs. build debate, and we’re positive that attendees will walk away with the answers they’re looking for regarding their own infrastructure needs.

Can You Really Do Multi-cloud at Scale?

Finally, we’re back at multi-cloud, this time to answer a very pressing question for enterprise users everywhere: is it even possible to do multi-cloud at scale? 

After all, multi-cloud isn’t easy – especially at the enterprise level. It’s even more difficult to start from a single-cloud foundation and ramp up to a larger network of providers, especially if you encounter rapid growth.

Is it possible to manage the high level of entanglement that’ll occur when bringing together multiple cloud providers – each with their own tools, constructs, methods, and philosophies? If so, what adjustments does the enterprise need to make in order to manage this multi-headed hydra of a solution?

In this session, the speakers – Bruce Pinsky (Distinguished Engineer, Product Infrastructure and Reliability Engineering, Intuit, Inc.) and Christopher Moretti (VP, Global Technology & Cloud Transformation, Cigna; ONUG Board Member) will talk expectations versus reality when it comes to multi-cloud and offer realistic advice for attendees facing these challenges. 

Multi-cloud is an enticing (and frustrating) topic, and any session that deals with this burgeoning area of practice will land on our list of favorites.

CSNF Emerges from Pilots: How You Can Operationalize Cloud Security in Your SOC with CSNF

Various Cloud Service Providers emit security notification data in different formats, which complicates analysis and remediation.

To address this challenge, the Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF) was developed by a cross-industry team in ONUG’s Automated Cloud Governance Working Group, with the goal of providing a standardized method and architecture to normalize and automate security events, alarms and alerts. 

Over the summer, the team (composed of Cigna, FedEx, Raytheon, Fidelity and others) developed the CSNF Starter Kit and play books, which are all oriented towards enabling CSNF piloting for the enterprise SOC community and third-party solution providers. 

Join us for this session which will feature companies sharing their CSNF pilot strategies and how they plan to overcome hurdles for successful implementations. And don’t miss these solutions featured as live demonstrations on the digital transformation show floor at ONUG Fall. 

Of course, don’t feel obligated to attend only the above sessions. ONUG Fall 2022 promises to offer something for everyone. Check out the full list of sessions, and if you haven’t signed up yet, don’t forget to register or attend virtually – you don’t want to miss out on October.

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