Gluware Network RPA to Take the Stage at ONUG Spring 2022 – The Future of the Network is Hyperautomation

Today kicks off the first day of ONUG Spring 2022, the premier biannual event for the ONUG Community. At this year’s conference, the enterprise cloud community will convene to discuss ongoing challenges and the application of solutions for some of the most pressing issues hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises face. As a co-founder of ONUG, I’ve seen first-hand how these events can be used to bring the community together, collaboratively defining requirements as they evolve for the enterprise tech industry.

I’m excited to be onsite at this year’s event, as my recent appointment as Gluware’s Chief Product Officer has given me a front-row seat to the innovative technologies and solutions that the company will present at this year’s show. Yesterday, we introduced Gluware Network RPA, an integrated application that enables users to create, manage and monitor no-code workflows. With this addition, Gluware is taking further steps to advance businesses’ access to end-to-end, intelligent and event-driven hyperautomation of IT infrastructure at scale. While we are taking part in a handful of ONUG Spring 2022 keynotes, open sessions, panels and showcases, we wanted to highlight two in particular that demonstrate how Gluware is using its Network RPA solution to ensure efficiency at the process level.

Gluware Enables Automated and Orchestrated Security Response to CSNF Messaging

In this Cloud Security Notification Framework Showcase, we’ll show how Gluware’s intelligent network automation can be used to dynamically address a potential threat. Using the Gluware Intelligent Network Automation suite, determine if configuration drift has occurred, due to a bad actor for example, and automate a security change by adapting the access control list or isolating pieces of the network.

In this demo, Microsoft Sentinel, our cloud security certification framework, is making a restful API call to Gluware in the Logic app designer to take the corresponding action. Through Gluware Network RPA, users can leverage the logical operator to create workflows depending on if drift occurred, and if they determine it has – as we demonstrate in the demo – they can then create an automated, event-based workflow to block a suspected bad actor. With Gluware publishing restful APIs, it’s easy to get a list of RPA workflows through an API call, run the workflows and potentially pass variables. The demo shows how Gluware is dynamically updating our cloud security posture to block a known bad actor per policy.

Accelerating O&A of Multi-Domain and Cloud Using Integrations and Process Automation

During this Orchestration and Automation Showcase, we’ll be highlighting how Gluware Network RPA integrates with other systems like Kentik via API and enables process automation, thereby resolving application issues without the need for human intervention.

In this demo, an unauthorized network change has broken QoS and ultimately affected the Zoom application. Gluware integrates with application visibility solutions like Kentik to provide auto-remediation. For this example, Kentik has made an API call to Gluware, which then triggers a workflow to check for drift and remediate the issue. Typically, these types of network changes take IT staff time and skill to resolve, but Gluware is able to automate processes like troubleshooting, configuring, drifting and auditing to unlock the NetDevOps efficiencies and facilitate intelligent, event-driven hyperautomation of IT infrastructure.

These are just some of the exciting demos we’ll have available at ONUG Spring 2022. If you’re interested in learning more beyond the sessions, come visit us at the Gluware booth, or check out the ONUG Spring 2022 site for videos of Gluware sessions. We’re a proud leader in intelligent network automation and look forward to demonstrating how our innovations are accelerating hyperautomation and self-operating networks to ensure enterprises’ mission-critical networks remain reliable and secure.


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Ernest Lefner

Chief Product Officer, Gluware

Chief Product Officer