Witesand Proof of Concept: Cloudifying the Enterprise Network: Can NAC, Provisioning, Monitoring & Analytics Be Plug-n-Play?

Fall 2021

The last year and half have required massive adaptation by enterprise IT teams as employees were sent home to work. Teams have been geographically dispersed across ISPs and home networks with varying capabilities and security. The return of employees to the office will bring its own set of challenges.

The ideal would be an enterprise network that employs intent-based network access control, applies and enforce consistent policies automatically, provides IT teams with a 360º view of the network and all endpoints, and employs AI/ML to instantly identify, isolate, and remedy anomalies, even as alerts are being provided.

The solution would need to work in multi-vendor infrastructures, support brownfield environments without lift-and-shift of current hardware, be cloud-based, and deliver it all in a single-pane-of-glass portal.

This session will look at recent advances in technology from AI/ML to zero trust that make it not just possible, but essential, and include a demo of WiteSand’s approach.

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