Intelligent Network Automation Enables Rapid M&A Growth – WSP with Gluware Keynote Presentation

Fall 2021

Jeff Gray, Gluware CEO welcomes customer Richard Evers, Director of Global Network Services of WSP, to share the story of how Intelligent Network Automation is helping this global leader in engineering professional services to address their rapid growth fueled by M&A. Learn how Gluware enables the company to address critical network requirements including enhanced security, enforced compliance, and lifecycle management for their dynamic multi-vendor, multi-platform enterprise network environment. Key lessons learned will be covered including how to best identify automation use cases that are aligned to business objectives and the importance of seeking a vendor that will act as a long-term partner.


Jeff Gray is the CEO and co-founder of Gluware, the leading provider of Intelligent Network Automation for the Cloud Era. As CEO, he oversees business operations and strategy, as well as the development of enterprise-leading intent-based network automation technologies adopted by the largest and most complex Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises from Pharma to Finance. Gray is credited with bringing the industry’s first SDN orchestration platform to market and achieving significant blue-chip enterprise adoption. He has been a networking industry leader for two decades, starting with the commercial development of innovative high-bandwidth networking solutions as a student at California Polytechnic State University.

Richard Evers is the Global Director of Network Services at WSP. He has approximately 20 years of IT experience spanning large enterprise IT, and service provider environments. After spending close to a decade with Verizon as a technical engineer, he joined WSP in 2013 helping to standardise its network architecture globally, and lead a network transformation. Richard is currently responsible for network solution architecture, engineering, and operations covering LAN, WAN, Remote Access, Cloud Networking, and Network Security. Richard holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Systems from Sheffield Hallam University. Outside of work his passions are CrossFit and international travel.

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