The Need for AI-Driven Network Observability to Ensure Business Service Reliability – Sponsored by Broadcom

Fall 2021

In today’s world of complex networks supporting hybrid and cloud native business applications, the traditional methods of network monitoring are no longer sufficient to guarantee the reliability of a company’s core business services. An AI-driven approach is now required for true observability to reflect the customer experience more accurately as it relates to business services delivered. In this panel discussion, Shamus McGillicuddy, Vice President of Research at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), will highlight some of his recent network observability research and the main reasons that he places Broadcom’s DX NetOps at the forefront of the industry in the latest Radar Report on Network Performance Management. The panel also includes Broadcom’s Lead Evangelist for AIOps, Tony Davis, a 27-year IT Operations practitioner and advisor. Tony will discuss how an AI-driven NetOps platform can provide many of the real time analytics required to implement Broadcom’s unique Business Service Reliability methodology for AIOps to realize continuous business innovations. Moderated by Jeremy Rossbach, Director of Product Marketing, DX NetOps at Broadcom.


Shamus McGillicuddy leads the network management practice at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). His practice focuses on all aspects of managing enterprise networks, including network automation, AIOps-driven network operations, multi-cloud networking, and WAN transformation.

Prior to joining EMA, Shamus worked as a technology journalist for nearly a decade. He served as the news director for TechTarget’s networking publications. He led the news team’s coverage of all networking topics and published hundreds of articles. Shamus was previously a daily newspaper journalist who covered crime, education, government, and politics. He enjoys reading, fiction writing, and craft beer.

Tony Davis is a 27-year veteran of the IT industry with leadership roles in both IT Operations and Software Development; 13 of those years spent with He has also worked with dozens of Fortune 100 companies on IT DevOps methodologies designed to improve customer experience and the reliability of the business services their IT divisions enable. Tony is currently serving as the Lead AIOps Evangelist for Broadcom and works with clients on implementing the ‘BSR Methodology for AIOps’, which applies a precise scoring model to any company’s business services leading to long term continuous improvements in reliability and the customer experience.

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