CapEx vs. OpEx Budgeting for Enterprise Cloud 2.0

Fall 2021

As computing infrastructure has largely transformed to a software-defined model, the cost of infrastructure is now transitioning to OpEx vs. CapEx. There are many implications to this shift from a procurement, budget and planning perspective. During this roundtable, we share how to manage the transition from CapEx vs. OpEx.


Sam Gambarin joined Kaiser Permanente in 2010. Over the years he has been providing leadership over numerous functions at Kaiser Permanente. Currently Sam is leading architecture, design, creation, product management, and operations of Application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS) and System of Intelligence PaaS at KP. Sam is also responsible for managing multiple platform components to enable development teams to deliver Cloud Native and Cloud Hybrid solutions. He is a key contributor to creation of Shared Technical Services/Digital Foundation framework for Kaiser Permanente.

Sam has more than 20 years of IT experience, including positions at Razorfish, AT&T, Travelocity, and NASA. He is proven results-driven leader unafraid to get involved in the details regarding initiatives concerning strategy, practices, processes, solution-building, and operations.

Sam holds an MBA in information systems and Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from the San Francisco State University.

Yesim Akdeniz is a senior Managing Director in Citi technology organization and has been responsible to driving significant transformation across the technology infrastructure landscape over the last 5 years. She has been part of the core leadership team that has driven 30%+ savings across the operating expense, while significantly modernizing Citigroup’s technology capabilities, enhancing customer experience, business agility and managing risk.

Citi technology organization supports business operations in 100+ countries that Citi operates in, across multiple lines of business spanning both Institutional and Retail businesses. The technology engineering organization is designing and deploying industry leading solutions across the Citi footprint as the bank continues to leverage product and business model innovation to maintain and increase Citi’s competitive edge in the market place. Yesim is at the forefront of the innovative thinking that CATE (Citigroup Architecture and Technology Engineering) is delivering.

She has held several senior management positions across Citigroup technology, Yesim has a Masters in Business Administration, Wilmington College and a Bachelors of Art in Computer Science, East Carolina University. As one of the senior most women in technology and co-chair of Enterprise O&T Women Leadership Council at Citigroup, Yesim is actively involved with various ‘Women in Technology’ initiatives, including the Women’s Bond Club and Citigroup sponsorship programs. Additionally, Yesim was awarded the top 100 CIOs award by the CIO magazine in 2010,, and she was inducted into the 42nd Annual YWCA Academy of Women Leaders on in 2016.

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