Itential Academy: How to Maintain Compliant Hybrid Infrastructure Through Automation with the Itential Automation Platform

Fall 2021

By now, most enterprises understand the benefits of network automation, particularly across hybrid infrastructure spanning public cloud and on-prem datacenters. Yet uncertainty about the state of configuration on parts of their networks has many asking – Should we attempt to automate a network that is out of compliance? The standard answer to that has always been – No! You should get your network in compliance before automating. In this Academy session, Itential will demonstrate how Automation is, in fact, the only way to achieve and maintain compliance and how the Itential Automation Platform delivers a modern and simplified approach, showcasing step by step how to:

  • Manage real-time device inventory across physical, virtual and cloud
  • Use our Configuration Manager to create Golden Configuration templates to enforce compliance across CLI & API infrastructure
  • Automatically validate changes before they are applied to the network
  • Automatically run compliance reporting
  • Automatically remediate non-compliant configurations

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