Elastic Infrastructure

Fall 2021

Highlights from the teams Whitepaper – What does it REALLY mean to be “Elastic” and why it’s critical for your business’ success!


Steve is a Principal Engineer focusing on  Wide Area Network Architecture & Software-Defined WAN at Cisco.

Prior to founding MarketWord in 2006, Mark Fishburn held roles as Managing Director, VP marketing, VP sales, VP market development, technical strategy, and business unit manager with Xerox, Retix, Netcom Systems, Spirent. He has been a board member and chairman of several industry associations and frequent speaker at industry conferences worldwide.

Hammad is a Principal Solutions Architect at Aviatrix specializing in multi-cloud networking and security across AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI. Prior to Aviatrix, he has been leading technical teams at VMware on NSX and Kubernetes, at Riverbed and Microsoft.

You can follow him on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/cloudhammad/) or on Twitter (@cloudhammad).

William Collins is a highly technical strategic thinker and catalyst for innovation. Over his career, he has helped enterprises build large-scale networks, driven modernization through cloud adoption, and excels at optimizing complex environments through good design practices and automation. As Principal Cloud Architect for Alkira, William focuses on evangelizing Alkira, the company reinventing networking for the cloud era. William has held various senior technical roles across Financial Services and Healthcare, most recently as Associate Director of Cloud Architecture at Humana.

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