Itential Proof of Concept: Achieve Compliant Hybrid-Infrastructure Automation with Itential

Fall 2021

Infrastructure is your Network, and it has become more complex as it spans multiple public clouds and on-prem campuses and datacenters. Adding to that complexity are siloed cloud and networking teams, the strategic need for high performing delivery systems, and the desire for compliant self-service networking. With the Itential Automation Platform, it is easier than ever to maintain compliance in scenarios like this. In this Proof of Concept, Itential will demo how to maintain compliance across hybrid infrastructure while comfortably enabling self-service networking. This demonstration includes building closed-loop automated workflows with Itential’s drag and drop Automation Studio that allow for compliant self-service networking through:

-Validating AWS VPC configuration requests before deploying
-Creating AWS cloud infrastructure
-Maintaining change management protocols through ServiceNow integration
-Automating remediation of non-compliant AWS VPC configurations
-Notification of changes made through Slack integration


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