Broadcom Proof of Concept: Broadcom Redefines Modern Network Observability with Embedded Log Analytics & Contextual AI

Fall 2021

IT operations teams often struggle to assemble an effective network performance management (NPM) toolkit because the landscape is becoming increasingly complex each day. The Operations, Administration and Management (OAM) based low fidelity data collection methods e.g. SNMP, ping had been historically targeted towards human operators to monitor and diagnose the Traditional data center networks. With Modern high-definition Network telemetry data from SDN, SD-WAN, Hybrid cloud(s), real time observability becomes a challenge, resulting in blind spots, Higher MTTR. The sheer Volume, Velocity and Veracity of network monitoring data stream isn’t actionable by human operators efficiently anymore; it’s only suitable to be consumed by machines.

As the Industry leading NPMD solution provider, DX NetOps from Broadcom is positioned at the forefront of this revolution. We are transparently pairing the Fault, performance, Flow & Log data with appropriate downstream ML algorithms, for gaining contextual analytics by the operators within a single-pane of glass monitoring console. Join us in this session, as we showcase the journey towards modern network observability; combining the power of embedded Log Analytics within the network realm. In this session, learn how our solution is redefining the smart NetOps operator workflows of the future, harnessing advanced insights from our AI engine (available as a SaaS &/or on-premises).


Subhadeep is in charge of product management for Modern Network Observability as a part of Broadcom Enterprise Software Division. He is considered a pioneer and veteran in ITOM space, spearheading teams for more than a decade that created market-leading enterprise monitoring solutions with embedded AI. Subhadeep is based out of Bangalore, India. When not in office, he is globe-trotting meeting customers, brainstorming solutions for business critical challenges with IT or often speaking in different conferences as an evangelist.

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