Pliant Proof of Concept: A New Way to Automate Common IT Tasks – Community Edition

Fall 2021

A main theme of ONUG Fall is the ‘Future of Enterprise Computing.’ Pliant’s vision of that future has network professionals liberated from repetitive, time-consuming and low-value IT tasks. With the Pliant Platform, they can automate all that toil and instead, focus on work that really matters. The Community Edition of the Pliant Platform makes it easy for even non-developers to use our low-code environment to begin building meaningful automations that reduce their toil.

Launching at ONUG, the Community Edition is a SaaS-based offering that targets cloud use cases. Its low-code building blocks, pre-built workflows, and out-of-the-box API integrations make building automations fast and easy. Attendees of this session will get a first-hand look at this new, valuable Community Edition for both IT pros and non-technical users.


Dave Hegenbarth is Vice President of System Engineering at In this role, Dave is responsible for driving innovation and ensuring the successful execution of the company’s technical vision of low-code/no-code automation. Dave brings over 25 years of experience working in the computer software industry. Previously, Dave held leadership roles at Cisco Systems, Riverbed Technologies, and SevOne.
Dave’s passion for new technologies and the people who embrace them has driven his career in IT Infrastructure Automation & Orchestration, Professional Services, Network Performance Management, Data Center, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Pre-Sales Engineering.

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