What’s So Hard About Cloud Native Security, Anyway?

Fall 2021

Conventional wisdom has long held that achieving effective enterprise information security is, simply put, hard. And far from making things easier, the acceleration in workload migrations to the Cloud over the past few years, the rise of containerization, Cloud Native, and the increasing prevalence of hybrid- and multi-cloud deployments everywhere have complicated the security picture considerably.

So, while there is much that is new in the security domain thanks to the innovations of “Cloud Native,” and much about enterprise security practices that need to change as a result, we maintain that the principles of good cybersecurity have not radically transformed over time. Delivery mechanisms, however, have. The challenge now is to understand the security changes required by the Cloud Native context. Importantly, we believe that all of us have within our grasp the ability to achieve the cyber defense posture we need. This session explores how we can go from “Security Fear and Loathing” to “Security Confidence.”


Cyber Security Advisor with FedEx Services, Inc. My current focus is on securing SDN and hybrid-cloud workloads as FedEx moves towards digital transformation and away from traditional L3 networks and data centers. In my role as Cyber Security Advisor I am called on to consult on many IT projects across the various operating companies that comprise FedEx. I am the team leader for the Network Security team that is responsible for implementing micro-segmentation, security analytics, identity services, and Wifi intrusion prevention among other security platforms and initiatives. I currently hold active ISCCISSP and GIAC GSEC certifications and have been a guest speaker on network and cloud security at various conferences including Proofpoint Connect, VMworld, and Future:NET.

My background is 30+ years of experience as a Network Security Engineer / Network Manager / Network Engineer working in the IS/IT division of various companies which span half a dozen industries and government agencies.

Marina Segal is CEO and Co-Founder of a startup that is currently operating in Stealth mode. Prior to that, Marina enabled Dome9 Security (acquired by Check Point) and Sysdig to become leaders in the Cloud Security Market, driving several large enterprise sales and strategic M&A efforts by focusing on delivering Cloud Security and Compliance products.

Marina has over 15 years of global experience in Security, MSSP, Compliance and Governance at Deloitte/Credit Karma and other startups.

She is Founder of the Bay Area’s WoSec Chapter.

Marina holds a B.SC in Information Systems & Management and an MBA in Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Tel Aviv University

Mudit Tyagi is a Strategic Architect with the F5 Product Management team. He has 20 years of experience in Software Engineering and System Architecture design for delivery of secure applications for Financial and HealthCare services. In his current role at F5, Mudit advises CIOs and Enterprise Architects in the use of Cloud and Open Source Technologies, emerging trends such as Software Defined Networking, and modern API based application architectures utilizing microservices. He works with CISOs to evaluate strategies for delivering secure applications. Prior to F5, Mudit was the Founder and CEO of Confiserve, a secure application development firm focused on Financial Services and HealthCare. Mudit was also an early employee at various Networking and Security startup companies including Rapid City (BayNetworks), Nevis Networks (Qualys), Damballa Networks (Core Security), Inkra Networks (Cisco). He has Bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and a Masters in Computer Engineering from University of New Mexico.

Computer security expert with over ten years of experience in software design, development, and optimization. Specialist in real-time operating systems, carrier grade telecommunications systems, and large-scale distributed systems. Lover of vim, C, Go, and operating system internals. Experienced in leading specialized technical teams to surpass desired outcomes and deliver highly performant, reliable solutions.

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