The Sharper Edge: Four Key Ingredients to a Multi-Service Cloud Virtualization and Edge Compute Infrastructure – Sponsored by Ciena

Fall 2021

Enterprises across multiple industry sectors are making the shift from a hardware-centric to a software-centric IT infrastructure to increase operational agility, reduce cost and ensure that employees have ‘always-on’ access to the data, content, and ensure that employees have “always-on” access to applications they need to do their jobs—regardless of their physical location.  This new software-centric, “virtualized” infrastructure combines network connectivity, digital business applications and multi-tenant, multi-cloud integration at the remote branch premises edge, the local data center edge, or the cloud edge. 

But the evolution to a multi-service virtualized edge environment is often not a simple task for most enterprises. Migrating from a rigid hardware-centric environment to an agile, software-based, disaggregated environment can be a complex endeavor, especially when it involves multiple virtual network functions, new containerized business applications, and multi-tenant cloud services from a variety of suppliers.  This new environment requires a combination of skill sets and expertise, including edge devices, multi-service edge software stack, orchestration, automation, analytics and assurance software, and multi-vendor system integration.   

Join this session to hear from Ciena’s team of cross-functional edge leaders learn the four key ingredients to facilitate the shift to a multi-service cloud virtualization and edge compute infrastructure.  You’ll hear lessons learned and best practices from real-world experience combining edge devices, software and system integration that have enabled enterprises from retail, finance, logistics, manufacturing, and other industries accelerate their evolution to a virtualized, multi-cloud and edge compute IT environment.  

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