Gluware Academy: De-risking Network Changes with Intelligent Network Automation

Fall 2021

Experience the Gluware suite of applications in action executing network lifecycle capabilities including network discovery, inventory, config drift, config audit, config management and OS management. After the overview of the Gluware suite, a demonstration of the working details of using Config Modeling to create and deploy Golden Configs will be covered in two stages. First a declarative, static deployment of corporate “globals”, followed by an integration of dynamic content into that deployment. This enables users to avoid outages by blending specific business logic in a straightforward manner with the static blocks (i.e., Golden Configs) used by other solutions.


Kevin Cline is responsible for ensuring customer success at Gluware where he helps customers plan and execute their core network automation objectives. Previously, Kevin spent nearly two decades at Intel with similar responsibilities for OEM customer support, success, and strategic initiatives in network endpoint technologies and automation. He helped create Active Management Technologies, evolving and driving these technologies to worldwide customer adoption as a key ingredient of the vPRO brand.

Alex Araujo is an experienced Automation Solutions Architect at Gluware, where he leads the technical onboarding and deployment of the company’s network automation solutions in some of the largest global pharmaceuticals and financial organizations. Previously, Alex was the lead Network Engineer at where he helped them grow the network to become one of the largest Wireless Internet Service Providers in the Northern California region.

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