Open Source Networking​ @ Target​

Arrcus Open Session: Propelling Digital Transformation with Open Networking (ONLINE ONLY)

Digital technology is transforming the world around us at an ever-increasing pace, changing every aspect of business and consumer experience. Discover how the power of one can help propel that digital transformation seamlessly. One simple network, one scalable architecture, and one seamless experience connecting any service, anytime, anywhere.

Pensando Proof of Concept: Protect the Unprotected with Stateful Network Zero Trust and the Aruba CX 10000

As East-West traffic continues to grow exponentially, traditional segmentation approaches require increasingly complex approaches to Network design. In most instances these designs rely on tromboning to individual services appliances which not only introduces complexity, but significant additional latency, congestion and cost. This equates to end users experiencing performance degradation or a complete lack of application availability due to the inability of administrators and critical services, such as firewalls and load balancers, to provide resources in a timely manner. In this POC we will outline and…

Analyzing the Economics of Multi-Cloud Deployments, A Special Focus Session for ONUG Spring 2022 

Multi-cloud app and IT services delivery are a reality – even a necessity – in companies’ IT services and digital transformations today.  In addition to ensuring the technical aspects of the services run well, what are the most important considerations for implementers to take account of so the economic results of the deployments are also attractive?  How are the best TCO and RoI achieved?  This presentation is focused on the dynamics of multi-cloud use cases and their economics.  In it we overview the costs of…

Kentik Open Session: Kentik Provides Visibility Not Only to Your On Prem Resources, But Also Includes Insights into the Largest Cloud Providers (ONLINE ONLY)

Join us and take a peek at what we have available for the AWS platform, and soon to be released Azure platform.

Kentik Academy: Learn About Kentik Resources Provided Out of the Box, For Any / All Kentik Customers (ONLINE ONLY)

Gluware Open Session: Join Gluware for Their Announcement of Network RPA (ONLINE ONLY)

Ernest Lefner, Chief Product Officer, Gluware, will review their new product announcement and highlight the path to self-operating networks in an era of rapidly evolving enterprise needs. Lefner will discuss how no-code/low-code NRPA and NetDevOps provides the software ‘glue’ between API interfaces to progress from task-based automation to end-to-end event-based automation along with a demo from Michael Haugh, VP of Product Marketing.

Concourse Labs Open Session: The Path to Security as Code: One Company’s Journey (ONLINE ONLY)

Verica Open Session (ONLINE ONLY)

SUSE Open Session: NeuVector 101 (ONLINE ONLY)