The ONUG Community Award Ceremony

The ONUG Board recognizes and thanks Rens Troost, Global Head of Cloud Strategy and Technology at Virtual Clarity, a DXC Technology Company for outstanding industry contributions and continuing support of ONUG and the ONUG community.

ONUG Fall 2021 Day 2 Pre-Game Show

ONUG Fall 2021 Day 1 Pre-Game Show

Ciena Open Session: Sharpen your IT Edge with a Multi-cloud, Edge Compute Virtualized Network Discussion

With the ongoing shifts to successive waves of Cloud infrastructure, enterprises are becoming eco-systems of inter-connected cloud services, adopting technologies and services from multiple cloud providers in the form of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.  In this new environment, the Cloud has become the new Data Center, and the Internet the new Network.  A key feature on this environment is that most digital enterprises no longer aim to own and manage infrastructure & platforms.  Instead, they are seeking to leverage managed cloud services and relying on…

The Sharper Edge: Four Key Ingredients to a Multi-Service Cloud Virtualization and Edge Compute Infrastructure – Sponsored by Ciena

Enterprises across multiple industry sectors are making the shift from a hardware-centric to a software-centric IT infrastructure to increase operational agility, reduce cost and ensure that employees have ‘always-on’ access to the data, content, and ensure that employees have “always-on” access to applications they need to do their jobs—regardless of their physical location.  This new software-centric, “virtualized” infrastructure combines network connectivity, digital business applications and multi-tenant, multi-cloud integration at the remote branch premises edge, the local data center edge, or the cloud edge.  But the…

Cradlepoint Proof of Concept: Cradlepoint Router SDK Extension of Value Using Auto-Install

Cradlepoint is the leader in Wireless WAN. Providing 4G and 5G routers in a subscription-based solution that includes the support to power the flexibility and manageability that organizations demand. We provide users with a Router SDK to extend the value of the router to customers to create customer uses that are specific to their needs. In this demo, Cradlepoint is showing off than SDK app called “Auto-Install”. This application runs speed test on the cellular SIMs that are in the router. By having this information,…

Pensando Proof of Concept: Building a Better Cloud with Pensando Systems

In this POC Pensando Principal Systems Engineer Jason Gmitter will demonstrate a new approach to building data center infrastructure and distributing services closer to where data is created, allowing anyone to run their business with cloud-like efficiency and security.

Arrcus Proof of Concept: Enterprise Edge Transformation with Arrcus ACE

Several industries including retail are struggling for need of agility and efficient management as their applications become more distributed and demanding. 5G and edge computing are accelerating the network infrastructure transformation requiring programmable and massively scalable, multi-cloud optimized, cost-effective connectivity for the next generation of distributed applications including remote work environments, industrial automation, and content distribution. The Arrcus Connected Edge (ACE) platform is powering this network transformation by enabling the convergence of communications and compute infrastructure at the edge, delivering massive network scale and performance,…

Sysdig Proof of Concept: Accelerate Threat Detection Across Clouds and Containers

Staying on top of misconfigurations, suspicious activity and threats across multiple clouds is difficult. Amid all the alerts, which ones actually pose a threat? How can you quickly and efficiently investigate threats with the many siloed container and cloud tools? In this video, Sysdig will share a unified approach to: -Identify new threats immediately by continuously assessing cloud security posture -Centralize visibility of cloud and container security risk in a single console -Reduce mean time to investigate threats across containers and cloud with a detailed…

VMware Proof of Concept: Implementing an AIOps Strategy with VMware Edge Network Intelligence

IT operations teams are being asked to maintain increasingly complex systems using increasingly outdated tools and networking. That’s where AIOps comes in: Applying analytics and machine learning to automate and improve IT operations. Using VMware Edge Network Intelligence for AIOps addresses the ONUG use cases of private and public cloud, SAAS and applications, and content. This session will examine a multi-vendor approach from a branch perspective. We will demonstrate a Windows client accessing a Zoom application, using a MIST AP and a VMware SD-WAN Edge….