Will Multi-Cloud Deliver For You?

Fall 2022

Enterprise computing is multi-cloud computing; it’s hard, complex but promises control and choice for developer and infrastructure teams. Infrastructure teams are to make life easier for developers to write applications that deliver corporate digital value. Multicloud delivers the widest pallet of tools and constructs, but can developers use them all? Is multicloud too hard or are we just at the early stages of tool and operational model development? In this session we explore the realities of multicloud architecture implementation and operations.


As EY Americas Cloud Cybersecurity Leader, Alex focuses on engineering; architectural controls and processes; and security solutions for public cloud, and container platforms.

She holds a PhD, MSc and BSc in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University, has multiple patents and is cited in over 30 scientific publications.

Chief Technology Officer, Digital, at Raytheon Technologies (RTX), responsible for the technical interests of the company’s Enterprise Services including the implementation of RTX’s technology strategy and vision, and the integrity of the company’s infrastructure and resources.

Previously responsible for ensuring the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the company’s assets and its customers’ assets globally.

Experienced keynote / public speaker at Information Security events, and contributor to Information Security publications, such as:

  • secureCISO New York
  • RSA panelist
  • CISO Executive Summits
  • NEACS Cyber Security Summit
  • Feats of Strength Magazine
  • Security Current
  • FBI Academy
  • PC Magazine Desk-side Briefing
  • SC Magazine Congress
  • FS-ISAC Summits
  • BITS Working Group Meetings
  • BITS Emerging Payments Forum
  • Retail Forum
  • Shark Tank at RSA – 2016 and 2017
  • RSA Keynotes
  • Profiles in Confidence
  • Conversations with a CISO
  • Risk Committee Meetings
  • Board Meetings
  • OCC Meetings
  • Best Practice Seminars

As Public Cloud Vice President, Risk, Security, Compliance and Transformation, Janice has a broad set of responsibilities, which include areas such as global deployment of IBM’s integrated suite of “as-a-service” capabilities in Multi Zone Regions; strategic initiatives such as the Financial Services Cloud released in 2021; and leadership of Risk, Security and Compliance across IBM Public Cloud.

With decades of IT industry experience, Janice has a proven track record of delivering results through effective leadership, communications and teamwork. She brings a wide range of business expertise to her current role including general management, strategic planning, sales, transformation, program management, consulting, outsourcing and cloud based offering leadership.

Gene Sun joined FedEx in 1997 as a System Analyst, focusing on the design and implementation of large-scale eCommerce and Data Warehouse applications.

In 2000, he entered into management and assumed leadership roles including Manager, Managing Director, and Vice President responsible for the creation of the first-generation FedEx pricing system that supported the global FedEx sales force as well as the entire customer base. He also led FedEx’s global Information Security and Risk Management program for four years ensuring security, brand protection, and regulatory compliance.

In his current role as Vice President of Global Network and Communication Services, Gene is accountable for:

  • Long term strategic vision and business plan for Global Network and Communication program
  • Multi-hundred million dollar budget and globally diverse organization
  • Architecture, implementation and operation of global data, voice, video, customer service/call centers and telecom infrastructure as well as social/collaboration tools/solutions

In May 2008, The ComputerWorld magazine named Gene to the “40 under 40 IT Innovators” list of the most promising IT leaders under 40 years old.

Prior to his studying and working in the United States, Gene was employed for two years in China as a sales engineer for Hewlett-Packard, China, LTD.

Gene holds both a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from The University of Memphis.

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