DevSecOps@ONUG Keynote Presentation: The Obvious Evolution of Observability: Shifted ALL the Way Left

From managing custom-built bespoke servers in data centers, to spinning up serverless applications in the cloud, monitoring and observability has undergone a generational shift over the past decade. Today, most companies implement expansive monitoring of their production applications to quickly respond to customer issues as they arise. The trouble is, by the time customers experience a problem or security issues are found, it’s already too late. In this session, we’ll talk about:
  • Four rising industry software development trends.
  • Why software design and code quality are the next challenges for building resilient software.
  • How the current generation of observability tooling is failing modern enterprises
  • How to move observability directly into the developer’s coding workflow to surface performance, reliability and security issues before code is ever committed

Pete is currently the Head of Growth and Community for AppLand, the creators of AppMap, opensource runtime code analysis for developers. Pete has worked in various Product, Engineering, and Operations roles at fast growing startups like ChaosSearch, Threat Stack, and Dyn. When not helping build and grow startups, Pete spends his time cooking and smoking meats and tweeting the results.

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