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Data Center Connectivity for Multi-Cloud Access

As large corporations looks to scale up their public cloud consumption, new methods for wide area networking are needed. Traffic patterns and latency requirements have shifted thanks to users accessing SaaS, corporate applications and cloud hosted applications. To connect a data center into multiple cloud providers, many options are available such as Middle Mile, Exchanges, peering arrangements, SASE overlays etc. Many need to control security and performance, thus they don’t want to use the internet for this direct connection into multiple cloud providers. In this…

How to Build and Manage an Effective FinOps Practice

During 2022, more than $1.3 Trillion in enterprise IT spending will shift to the cloud, and yet cloud spend will not outpace legacy services spend until 2025. Most companies will continue to run both traditional Data Center infrastructure as well as cloud-based services for many years, and yet no one can afford to double their operating budget in support of this transformation. As a result, many companies are now launching FinOps programs to help manage and govern fast growing cloud expenses, including the tremendous ‘bubble…

Introduction to Policy as Code Working Group

Zero Day Attack Best Practices Roundtable – Cloud Native Security Working Group

Network Cloud Demonstration

The Network Cloud Working Group will present various use cases that demonstrate the business value of Elastic Network functionality.  Learn how to optimize your Cloud Ecosystem, improve your time to market for network deployments, reduce OPEX by adopting cloud-like consumption based network models and apply zero trust principles to your network architectures and strategies. Ultimately you will learn the importance and relevance of effective Cloud Network Edge architectures so your business can adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of service offerings.

Practical DevSecOps

“Shift Left” and automation have turned from ideals to meaningless buzzwords. Instead of riding the hype train, let’s get real and cover practical and real-world examples taken from actual product security successes. Not every business is the same, neither will their DevSecOps program. In this talk, I’ll cover the fundamentals of common to successful DevSecOps programs as well as a grab bag of useful techniques to consider. These are lessons learned doing AppSec at a wide variety of companies including Rackspace, Pearson, a fortune 500…

Failures in DevOps and DevSecOps Pipelines

The challenge of software security in a DevOps-driven world is enormous. The most effective place to give developer feedback and why it’s manyfolds effective than where most people are giving it today. As per one of the research 96.8% code on the internet is OpenSource. When Open Source is a major part of the code and whole DevSecOps. It becomes imperative to know the aspects of the open source’s usage, if the open source libraries are not used properly or updated on time, open source…