Itential Open Session: Evolving from a Source of Truth to Automation & Orchestration

Fall 2022

Today’s enterprise networks are complex – spanning physical, virtual, and multi-cloud
infrastructure – resulting in increased demand to deliver applications and services
faster, thereby increasing the rate of changes to the network. To meet these demands,
many network teams use NetBox as a source of truth to help organize, document, and
manage critical network resources and configuration as a logical first step. However, it’s
not enough to just know what’s in your network. To really overcome these challenges at
scale, network teams must also incorporate an automation strategy that can evolve from
a source of truth to automating network changes from ticket creation to ticket resolution.
In this ONUG Open Session, Itential’s Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Rich
Martin and NetBox’s Technical Advocate at NS1, Jordan Villareal, will dive into how IT
organizations can evolve network operations through an integrated approach to
automating and orchestrating at scale. They will also demonstrate how to build an
automation in the Itential platform that integrates with NetBox to:

  • Query and retrieve authoritative data for network device configuration standards.
  • Access network devices in real-time to determine current configuration and state.
  • Automate network changes across multiple vendor devices to apply new
  • Verify state of network configuration and source of truth data.
  • Data transformation and integration with IT systems like ITSM and messaging.

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