ONUG Spring 2023 Co-Chair

An ONUG Conference co-chair plays a critical role in organizing and leading the conference. Co-Chairs typically work alongside ONUG leadership and other co-chairs to plan and execute the conference themes, agenda, keynoters and speaker line up. The co-chair’s knowledge and deep understanding of enterprise cloud networking and security technologies ensures that the conference content meets the expectations of the attendees, sponsors, and other stakeholders. Overall, the co-chair plays a critical role in ONUG Conferences by providing leadership, guidance, and direction to the planning team, and…

Orchestration & Automation

Identifying tools that extend orchestration and automation across on- and off-prem deployments into hybrid/multi-cloud environments.


Focused on developing the playbook for large enterprises to adopt DevOps and DevSecOps as corporations shift into the digital economy at hyper speed.


This Working Group is focused on the options and tools available for application and supporting infrastructure monitoring/visibility and observability.

Elastic Infrastructure

This ONUG Working Group is charting the course of how to think about networking in the post Covid world.

Cloud Native Security

Focused on developing the playbook for securing applications deployed within a multi-cloud infrastructure environment.

Automated Cloud Governance (ACG)

Building the Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF) to facilitate automated governance.


The ONUG Working Group on AIOps is focused on scaling their practical demonstration of AIOps to solve various ONUG Community use cases.

CSNF Contributor

Composed of top enterprise tech leaders and cloud providers, ONUG’s Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF) contributors seek to standardize how cloud providers report security events, alerts and alarms. This framework will provide consumers with greater visibility and governance and will benefit to the entire cloud ecosystem.


Taken from an industry-wide pool of candidates, ONUG speakers represent the most well respected thought leaders, technologists and business innovators.