Cloud Native Security

ONUG Collaborative Working Group

The ONUG Cloud Native Security Working Group focuses on developing playbooks for securing applications deployed in all manner of cloud infrastructure environments.

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Cloud Native Security

What We’re Working On

Successful Cloud Native security requires focus on application and infrastructure environments alike.

As well, the tools, technologies, and processes needed both on- and off-prem are a fundamental priority, as are the approaches needed to help DevSecOps teams succeed in managing hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

Current Initiatives

  • Developing a security microblog initiative to highlight key security issues and topics for today’s multi-cloud enterprise
  • Communicating the state of the ever-evolving cyber-threat landscape and strategies for addressing enterprise security gaps and shortfalls
  • Developing resources for addressing cloud application security and threats, particularly in the form of “playbooks” that move beyond theory and architecture into operations
  • Focusing and extending the Working Group’s efforts on container security, specifically as regards container encryption and management
  • Broadening the group’s DevSecOps focus to address security management practices across technology domains
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Cloud Native Security Reference Architecture

The Cloud Native Security Working Group has focused on the development of multi-vendor reference solutions. In 2021 and beyond, this Working Group will move beyond theory and architecture into operations

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