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Learn how to transform with confidence using zero trust

Zscaler has been pleased to sponsor ONUG conferences in years past, and 2021 is no exception. This week’s ONUG Spring 2021 Virtual Conference promises to cover the key challenges we all faced and the lessons we learned during the past tumultuous year. In ONUG’s words, “We will digest the changes we experienced together and discuss the technologies and strategies critical to our digital transformation business models in 2021 and beyond.”

At Zscaler, we’ve been working closely with customers on those very matters. A year ago, it was all hands on deck, with teams working around the clock to help companies get their employees working securely from home. It quickly became obvious that the organizations that had begun to transform their network and security infrastructures were far more prepared for the challenges of 2020. Having reduced or eliminated their reliance on legacy technologies that can’t scale, such as VPNs and network firewalls, they could pivot quickly to a fully remote workforce securely accessing apps in multiple clouds and data centers.

So where do we go from here? 

The last year has shown us that digital transformation is a business imperative. It’s enabling new business models and creating digital links between employees, customers, suppliers, and partners that improve collaboration and speed. In today’s world, your employees are on the internet now more than they are on the corporate network, and your applications are more likely to be in the cloud in the form of SaaS, such as Microsoft 365, and through the migration of private apps to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

This transformation, in which business increasingly takes place over the internet, results in a dramatically expanded attack surface. Security must be embedded into every connection, no matter where it takes place or whether it’s initiated by a person, application, IoT device, or system. It must be delivered in the cloud, closer to where the majority of users and business assets are now centered. And it must be built on zero trust to reduce business risk.

Zscaler has developed a comprehensive platform of services that enable secure transformation. It’s called the Zero Trust Exchange, and it’s helping IT leaders embrace cloud-delivered zero trust, while delivering fast, seamless, and secure access across their entire business ecosystem.

You can hear a lot more about it at the ONUG Spring 2021 Virtual Conference, May 5-6, 2021. We look forward to sharing with the ONUG Community and Conference attendees how Zscaler helps organizations move away from legacy security technologies that were not built for today’s workforce and enables secure and efficient work-from-anywhere experiences built on zero trust.

Please join us at these ONUG sessions.

Zscaler Keynote Address: May 6 at 2:55 PM ET

Accelerate your digital transformation with zero trust. The cloud and mobility are powerful enablers of digital transformation, but many IT organizations are grappling with legacy architectures and processes that haven’t evolved much in decades. When applications lived in the data center and users were connected to the network, it made sense to invest in a hub-and-spoke architecture and protect it with a castle-and-moat security perimeter.

But today, a new approach to security is needed, one built from the ground up with zero trust to securely enable businesses to take full advantage of the agility, efficiency, and resiliency of the cloud.

In this session, Zscaler CEO Jay Chaudhry talks with Gregory Simpson, Former CTO and AI Leader for Synchrony Financial, about his experiences leading his organization into today’s cloud-first world.
Zscaler Proof of Concept: May 5 at 1:10 PM ET

This Proof of Concept is also being shown in the Zscaler Virtual booth over the course of the two-day virtual event.
Zscaler Open Session: May 6, at 2:20-2:50 PM ET

Enabling Enterprise Digital Transformation – Illustrated

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about digital business transformation, but has anyone talked to you about what it means for your organization? Why does it matter? What does it entail, and how do you start?

In this video whiteboarding session, you’ll have the chance to hear from Zscaler’s Solution Architect, Brian Deitch, about the drivers of digital transformation, get answers to your questions, and learn how to take the first steps—or the next steps—on your journey. The session will cover a range of topics, including zero trust, the changing branch architecture, IT simplification and cost reduction, the need to support work-from-anywhere, and the benefits of cloud-native security that supports secure, any-to-any connectivity.

We look forward to seeing you at the event. Be sure to register today using Zscaler’s exclusive free passcode.

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