Help Build a Full-Stack Observability Platform in the ONUG Hyperautomation Working Group

We are delighted to announce the formation of the Full-Stack Observability effort in the Hyperautomation Working Group, an initiative devoted to pioneering advancements in multi-layered, multi-domain analytics capabilities. This initiative is driven by the urgency to bridge the gap in cybersecurity, particularly focusing on integrated full-stack solutions that consolidate endpoint and network security telemetry.

Despite the indispensability of visibility and observability in protecting digital assets, the current lack of a unified platform solution hampers comprehensive threat detection and response, posing a significant risk across organizations. Our challenge, and yours should you join us, is to design a powerful, cohesive full-stack observability platform. This platform aims to improve network visibility and observability, ultimately reinforcing the overall network and cybersecurity framework.

A key objective of this working group is the development of a Network Canonical Data Model (NCDM), a tool vital for normalizing emitter data formats from various network sources. The NCDM will standardize data, fostering a unified perspective across distinct data types and sources and, in turn, accelerating data analysis.

We also aim to define the operational necessities for an integrated network and security analytics capability. With an array of network-sourced data, our goal is to achieve expansive visibility across the network and security environments.

Recognizing the dynamic nature of today’s security landscape, our approach includes the integration of near-real-time analytics. Traditional offline or batch processing methods prove insufficient as we strive to deliver actionable intelligence within seconds, a challenge that real-time analytics is ideally equipped to meet.

Lastly, the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in our vision cannot be overstated. By harnessing AI/ML for correlating real-time intelligence across numerous layers and domains, we anticipate substantial advancements in predictive analytics and anomaly detection. The NCDM and the Cloud Security Notification Format (CSNF) Canonical Data Model will synergize, bolstering our full-stack observability solution.

With the development of a NCDM as the centerpiece of a full-stack observability platform taking place in the Hyperautomation Working Group, we are seizing the opportunity to leverage cutting-edge technologies to bolster network and security analytics and forge robust defense mechanisms.  

We invite you to join us in this ambitious journey to redefine network and cybersecurity observability. The expertise, creativity and dedication you bring will undoubtedly make a significant impact in reshaping and strengthening our digital defenses. We look forward to your active participation in the Hyperautomation Working Group. Sign up here

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Nick Lippis