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The Hyperautomation Working Group's key areas of focus are AIOps, Orchestration and Automation and Automation Infrastructure

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ONUG Collaborative Hyperautomation Working Group Chairperson

The Orchestration & Automation (O&A) Working Group is identifying tools that extend orchestration and automation across on- and off-prem deployments into hybrid/multi-cloud environments.

The working group hosts private presentations from various ONUG Community members to share their O&A experiences, successes and challenges. During 2021, the O&A Working Group is developing the playbook for IT organizations to orchestrate & automate infrastructure across multi-cloud environments along with guidelines for vendors to demonstrate their innovative approaches during ONUG via PoCs.

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Orchestration & Automation Reference Architecture

The O&A White Paper, written by the ONUG Orchestration & Automation Working Group, describes the taxonomy and terminology for orchestration and automation so that enterprise IT organizations can communicate using well-described terms and methods.

Feedback from the ONUG Community is that there are a lot of individual automation solutions available and in use in their organizations, but there is a lack of orchestration and integration capabilities to move from task-based to process-based. This document will also look to highlight the areas of need and suggested features and capabilities required when selecting solutions.

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