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The Hyperautomation Working Group's key areas of focus are AIOps, Orchestration and Automation and Automation Infrastructure

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ONUG Collaborative Hyperautomation Working Group Chairperson

The Hyperautomation Working Group is identifying tools that extend orchestration and automation across on- and off-prem deployments into hybrid/multi-cloud environments.

The Hyperautomation Working Group recently published the NOC/SOC Hyperautomation and Integration; A Guide to Success, a comprehensive guide aimed at providing Networking and Security professionals with valuable insights and practical advice on implementing hyperautomation strategies to optimize the cost, performance and reliability of their infrastructure, with a specific focus on network and security operations. It offers a roadmap for leveraging automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other advanced technologies to streamline processes, improve efficiency and enhance overall IT operations. Future revisions of the guide will include an emphasis on incorporating zero trust security principles into hyperautomation initiatives.

The Hyperautomation Working Group is also expanding its scope by collaborating with the Automated Cloud Governance Working Group. By carrying forward the CSNF (Cloud Security Notification Framework) Canonical Data Model (CDM),  the Working Group will explore leveraging the CDM for network systems and telemetry, allowing for consistent data representation, improved interoperability and enhanced automation across various domains.

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NOC/SOC Hyperautomation and Integration; A Guide to Success

Feedback from the ONUG Community indicates that there are many individual automation solutions available and in use within their organizations. However, there is a recognized lack of cross-domain automation and integration
capabilities. This shortcoming inhibits migration from task-based automation to process-based orchestration.

Meanwhile, enterprise IT leaders are seeking new ways to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and maintain a competitive edge, particularly in Network Operations and Security Operations Centers. One such approach to achieve these outcomes is hyperautomation, a comprehensive approach to automation and orchestration that combines advanced technologies to transform IT operations.

This guide provides a roadmap for today’s organizations embarking on their hyperautomation journey.

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