Vote and Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard: ONUG Use Case Voting Ranks the Challenges Facing Enterprise Users

At ONUG Spring 2019 in Dallas, members of the Hybrid Multi-Cloud Steering Committee reported on the results of a survey of enterprise users in the ONUG Community about barriers to hybrid multi-cloud adoption. The survey, conducted prior to the conference by 451 Research, ranked the inhibitors preventing enterprises from proceeding with a hybrid cloud deployment:

These are valuable data points for the steering committee in terms of setting overall objectives for the ONUG Working Groups, but what the survey did not attempt to do was identify the specific use cases in each area that are currently most challenging for members of the community.

ONUG addresses this need by having all conference attendees vote on a set of candidate use cases at each event. The ONUG Board and Working Groups develop the set of candidate use cases and attendees are also encouraged to submit their own. The Working Groups will also poll the audience attending working group conference sessions to get direct feedback on top priority use cases and to gauge where users stand on particular issues and concerns.

The Hybrid Multi-Cloud Steering Committee uses the results of the conference-wide use case voting and session-specific audience polling to identify the most pressing challenges facing enterprise users looking to deploy IT applications in hybrid multi-cloud environments. Ranking use cases, issues and concerns enables the steering committee to ensure that working groups are developing use case requirements and reference solutions in critical areas that are inhibiting cloud adoption. The committee also uses this information to form new working groups, when necessary.

The working groups are a critical component of the ONUG experience, and it is critical that they are focused on the right set of use cases in each area of concern. The best way to ensure this is to regularly take the pulse of the ONUG Community.

So come to ONUG Fall 2019 in New York or ONUG Europe 2019 in London. Participate in use case voting and audience polling. Make sure your voice is heard, and remember, make sure your voice is heard! 

Author's Bio

Stephen Collins

Working Group CTO, ONUG