Visibility, Actionable Insights, and Performance for the Modern, Hybrid Enterprise

This was an exciting month, as Riverbed hosted our Global User Conference and we participated in ONUG Fall 2021 and connected with colleagues, customers and the wider enterprise technology community.

As we look forward to what’s coming for enterprises—it’s digital-first and hybrid by design, with cloud, SaaS and legacy technologies working together and employees collaborating and engaging with users anywhere, anytime on any device.

To achieve the needs of today’s enterprise, businesses and customers are demanding IT organizations take the following steps to successfully move forward:

  • Embrace a hybrid culture
  • Modernize IT
  • Leverage end-to-end visibility to improve security postures and performance

Embrace a hybrid culture

Embrace a hybrid culture: hybrid networks, hybrid workplace and hybrid workstyles. There is an acceleration of network and application usage by users internal and external to every organization. IT must deliver seamless virtual and physical experiences that are consistent, reliable, and secure for all employees and customers, regardless of when and where they work or how they choose to connect.

Modernize IT

Digital acceleration requires IT modernization and the use of public and private cloud infrastructure. The challenge is how to combine legacy environments with new cloud infrastructure and validate the efficacy of this digital transformation. With the goal of creating modern, hybrid cloud environments, you must overcome the complexity of operating resources on-premises, in the cloud and at the edge. This requires investing in technologies that give you end-to-end visibility and control—empowering your teams to deliver rock-solid, secure performance and digital experience.

Leverage end-to-end visibility to secure performance and digital experience

There have never been greater challenges for IT than the current complexity of the network and the aggressiveness of cyberattacks. IT teams must gain full visibility and control over the security and performance of their modern, hybrid environment. To accomplish this organizations must capture full-fidelity data—not sample—across networks, apps and end-users, which is what our visibility solutions enable.

End-to-end visibility and the rich, broad set of data it provides is more important than ever in our modern hybrid enterprises to ensure productivity, end-user experience, high-quality digital experiences and security, but the treasure trove of data is more valuable when analyzed in context to deliver actionable insights to the multitude of stakeholders that are driving the organizational goals—transforming IT operators into technology leaders who connect insights into business outcomes.

Our vision is to deliver actionable insights that extend from the technology infrastructure through the network all the way to the customer to protect and extract the value behind every click.

To help you maximize this transition, we’re hyper-focused on bringing unique value in two critical areas: Network Performance and Acceleration, and End-to-End Visibility.

Network performance and acceleration

Riverbed | Aternity application acceleration and WAN optimization technologies overcome the effects of latency, bandwidth saturation and network contention to ensure the fastest, most reliable delivery of any application—including popular SaaS applications—to any user, regardless of location or network type. Delivering performance is vital in a hybrid environment. Today there is a race to the edge. The agility and efficiencies gained by investments in cloud and SaaS won’t matter if your mobile and remote workforce productivity suffers as a result of unacceptable application performance. Networks must optimize to the edge and accelerate applications; on-prem to the edge, cloud to the edge and application to the edge while securing edge access.

End-to-end visibility

Today, there is an abundance of data being generated. Many organizations are burdened with mountains of siloed data from disparate monitoring tools that are difficult to normalize and interpret for immediate action. More digital devices and sensors, plus broader, more complex networks mean more data sources. Decision-makers are being inundated by data and alerts, still lacking business intelligence and actionable insights, which is even more important with hybrid networks, cloud, and dispersed workforces. However, pulling all that siloed data, from the user, the application, and the network up into the cloud allows you to contextualize the data and provide actional insights.

We recently made a strategic decision to bring more closely together the best-in-breed assets of Riverbed and Aternity (previously a division of Riverbed) to bring to our customers the most comprehensive end-to-end visibility solution in the industry. This is powerful and brings together full-fidelity visibility that will enable us to deliver unified observability of your entire digital ecosystem: application, network, servers, cloud and devices.

If you are an organization that is seeking to Optimize Performance—Maximize Productivity—Reduce Risk—Eliminate Waste—Improve Customer Experience—you need actionable insights that extend from the technology infrastructure through the network all the way to the customer to protect the value behind every click. Technology organizations, especially IT, become invaluable when they can gather information that can be easily understood and used to make faster, better, more accurate decisions—fueling innovation, which drives the business and organizational performance. IT can be an accelerator and not an inhibitor to your organization’s productivity.

Unified observability provides a single source of truth of your data providing actionable insights that transform IT operators into technology leaders who can drive value for the business by delivering:

  • Frictionless Performance
  • Unyielding Productivity and Efficiency
  • Seamless business continuity

We are here to help the market prepare for what’s coming and to help further your IT, digital and hybrid workplace investments. It was great to see everyone come together for ONUG Fall, and discuss how we as a community, can meet industry challenges together.


Author's Bio

Dan Smoot

President and CEO of Riverbed | Aternity