Thought Leader Sponsor Riverbed and Customer ERM Delivering Keynote on Work-From-Anywhere at ONUG Fall 2020

In 2020, organizations needed to prioritize technology investments due to the unforeseen challenges of the global pandemic. Cloud adoption and digitization had already been growing exponentially for several years, but the need to have a significant number of employees shift to work-from-home put IT plans into overdrive. Forward-thinking organizations needed to move faster with investments to ensure business growth, with a focus on three key strategic priorities: accelerate cloud initiatives and digital transformation; enable work-from-anywhere models; and strengthen operational resilience.  

Business and IT leaders are at the heart of helping their organizations address these priorities. And to ensure success, they must overcome the challenges of insufficient visibility, unpredictable network and application performance, and expanded cybersecurity risks—all while improving their ability to be agile and resilient to ever-changing conditions. As a Thought Leader Sponsor at this year’s ONUG Fall 2020, Riverbed will discuss how our visibility and performance solutions and tools can help propel organizations forward to succeed in the current business environment and into the future.

At ONUG Fall 2020, we’re sharing with attendees demonstrations and essential capabilities needed to maximize performance and visibility of any network for any application to users anywhere. The demos will show ways to solve real life challenges and scenarios that are top of mind today, and during the customer keynote, I’ll be speaking with our customer Ian Trueman of Environmental Resources Management (ERM), on how he quickly transitioned global employees to be able to work from home and anywhere with LAN-like application performance —even in the most remote places of the world. You’ll also have an opportunity to sign-up for a 60-day $0 trial of the same Client Accelerator solution ERM used.

Here are all the opportunities to see Riverbed in action during the two-day virtual conference: 

Riverbed Keynote with Customer: Wednesday, October 14 @ 3:30 p.m. ET

Widely Distributed Environment Consulting Firm ERM Discusses Technology Enabling Employees to Work from Anywhere-ERM with Riverbed 

Like many global organizations today, ERM, needed to ensure that project timelines were met, and employees received timely access to critical apps and data shared across remote locations that span all continents and far-reaching places, while housing data in various regional data centers in the UK, US and Australia. In this keynote, Ian Trueman, Director of IT Operations at ERM, joins Riverbed, to share his journey to consolidate the massive data sprawl that had been costly and inefficient to maintain across such a distributed global landscape, and also the more recent transition during the 2020 COVID pandemic to help ERM employees boost remote performance, enabling them to truly do their work from anywhere.

 Riverbed Visibility POC: Wednesday, October 14 @ 2:30 p.m. ET

Riverbed Proof of Concept: The Power of Unified Network Performance Management

With today’s hybrid cloud architectures, maintaining a high-performing and secure network requires a holistic view across IT domains. In this Proof of Concept, Brandon Carroll, Technical Evangelist at Riverbed, demonstrates how enterprises can use Riverbed’s Unified Network Performance Management solution to proactively monitor network performance; isolate and address security threats; and quickly troubleshoot and solve issues on-premises or in the cloud before they impact end-user experience and business productivity.

 Riverbed Performance POC: Thursday, October 15 @ 11:35 a.m. ET

Riverbed Proof of Concept: Boosting Performance of Critical SaaS Apps and Microsoft Teams and Stream

In this Proof of Concept, Brandon Carroll, Technical Evangelist at Riverbed, demonstrates how to implement Riverbed Acceleration Services to boost performance of business-critical apps such as Office 365, Box and Salesforce for users anywhere, as well as provide great end-user experiences for live and on-demand video with Microsoft Teams and Stream. Brandon will also showcase how SteelConnect SD-WAN provides essential security for enterprise branches, while also enabling IT organizations to add dynamic path selection to optimize performance of SaaS applications and make full use of the overlay network and performance metrics that only Riverbed can track.

Registration is now open for Fall ONUG 2020 and free to Riverbed guests at this link. I hope to see you swing by the Riverbed booth where you can speak with our technical experts, and find additional resources from Riverbed. 

And after the ONUG event, Riverbed will be hosting its own Global Virtual User Conference on Tuesday November 17, a free one-day virtual event focused on helping organizations maximize performance and visibility for any user, network, app, anywhere. The User Conference will feature General Session Keynotes, an interactive Expo Hall, and 30+ technical breakout sessions with Riverbed experts, and customer, partner and industry speakers, including a Fireside Chat with ONUG’s Co-founder and Co-chair Nick Lippis.  

For more details on sessions and featured speakers, and to register to attend, please visit the Riverbed Global User Conference 2020 site:

Looking forward to seeing everyone at ONUG this week, and hopefully many of you at Riverbed’s User Conference in November.

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