The Whale…How to Eat It.

I don’t eat whales, but the truth is, many people, in many cultures, DO! Not so daunting a task perhaps if it’s a team sport, but what if it’s just YOU! Then, as the phrase goes, there’s only one way to do it….One Bite at a Time!!! Segue alert!!!!! Such is the case with Policy as Code (PaC). It’s such an important objective for today’s enterprises, but it also has (as I like to say): “More Questions than Answers”!

The truth is, what PaC may do for your organization has been pretty well defined. Standards (like OPA) are in place and a valuable step in the right direction. Nonetheless, it’s very obvious that enterprises don’t always know where to start. Where and how will they gain the biggest business value in the shortest time? 

We’ll be tackling important topics like:

  • How do we ensure that the code we push to production actually achieves our business intent?
  • How will policies be managed by identity authentication systems and domain-specific toolchains responsible for policy enforcement?
  • Once expressed in software, moreover, how does one proceed to manage the policy codebase so as to maintain consistency of intent and avoid the problems of “drift”? 

This is where the ONUG Collaborative can be of enormous help! The new Policy as Code Working Group will be up and running in October. This is the perfect opportunity for enterprises to work together to parse the use cases as well as develop playbooks and guidelines. All of which serves to help enterprises realize the business value of deploying faster, more secure, more compliant and well-governed business solutions.

Learn more about joining the ONUG Collaborative at Collaborative Official | ONUG.

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Mark Tierney