The ONUG Working Groups Are Not a Spectator Sport

The ONUG Working Groups kicked off 2020 with two conference calls for all working group participants, conducted during the week of January 13th. The calls were attended by a good mix of enterprise IT executives and suppliers involved in each of the currently active working groups. ONUG CTO Stephen Collins presented an overview of the working groups’ purpose and process, and this was followed by a discussion about possible initiatives for 2020 and potential new areas of focus for the working groups. [Download a PDF] of the material presented.

The working groups provide a forum for community collaboration and the generation of content intended to help enterprises achieve their digital transformation objectives by overcoming critical technical and business barriers to hybrid multi-cloud adoption.

The output of the working groups consists of blueprints, guidelines, and roadmaps –documentation that includes white papers, best practices, reference architectures, and use case requirements. In 2020, the working groups will also continue to collaborate on the development of open, multi-vendor reference solution, which will be featured in proof-of-concept demonstrations and run through verification testing to ensure the solutions comply with use case requirements.

Weekly working group calls will commence on Tuesday, January 21. ONUG encourages everyone in the community to participate in the working groups. Enterprise users benefit by being able to voice their concerns and collaborate with peers to identify critical challenges and use case requirements. Vendors and service providers benefit from direct interaction with enterprise users on the development of reference architectures and multi-vendor reference solutions.


There are many ways to contribute to the working groups and in various roles, as leaders or individual contributors. The expectation is that working group initiatives and contributions will be closely aligned with each participant’s “day job,” whether that means helping enterprise users solve real-world problems or enabling suppliers to better understand the full array of business and technical challenges impeding enterprise cloud adoption. 

But the working groups are not a spectator sport. Join today and get involved!



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