Oracle and Multi-Cloud Security at the ONUG Spring Conference

The growth of multi cloud deployments is undeniable. According to the 451 Research Voice of the Enterprise: Cloud, Hosting & Managed Services, Vendor Evaluations 2020 survey, 76% of companies are using two or more public clouds, with the average having 2.3 clouds in use. For larger organizations, these figures are even higher: those with more than $1bn in revenue are twice as likely to be using three or more clouds than smaller businesses. 

The top reason that enterprises use multiple clouds is to have access to vendor-specific capabilities. These might include best-of-breed services on one platform that simply outshine competing offerings, or it may mean integration with on-premises software that runs mission-critical workloads. Regardless of the reason for the multi-cloud approach, securing all cloud accounts across a multi-cloud deployment can be challenging for the enterprise. Different tools within each cloud mean that there are few security and observability tools that can span across a multi-cloud deployment. Operationally, security professionals must learn to manage security tools that are unique to each cloud as well as some best of breed security tools that can work across a few clouds.  While a well-designed patchwork of security solutions can help secure the enterprise across a multi-cloud architecture, it can be difficult for the security professionals to maintain.  

Oracle is a member of the steering committee of the ONUG Collaborative, where multiple cloud providers and leading enterprises are developing a Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF), a framework for consistent security, observability, and reporting across cloud service providers. The framework will help define standards that make cloud security simpler and more integrated for customers across different cloud platforms.

On April 27-28th, I invite you to join Oracle as we sponsor the ONUG Spring Conference.  At the conference, Oracle experts will show attendees how we are working with other cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud along with leading enterprises like FedEx and Cigna, to improve security collaboration in a multi-cloud environment. Here are just some of our speaking sessions at the show:

  • Johnnie Konstantas, Oracle GVP, Cloud Engineering will be presenting the ONUG keynote with Peter Campbell from Cigna entitled “Cloud Security: It’s Time To Get Prescriptive and Automated.”
  • Karl Miller, Oracle Director of Product Management will be sharing the canonical data model and Cloud Security Notification Framework decorator in the session “Operationalizing Cloud Security with the ONUG Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF).”
  • Johnnie Konstantas, Oracle GVP, Cloud Engineering will also be in a panel session about “Enterprise Public Cloud: From Shared Responsibility to Shared Fate through Policy as Code.”
  • Josh Hammer, Oracle Field Chief Security Architect, will be showcasing a proof of concept called “Security Across Clouds with CSNF” with a full demonstration about CSNF in use.  

Come join us at the conference either in person at the Meadowlands Expo Center in New Jersey or in the online virtual presence on April 27-28th. To register, you can register using the code OracleGuest for the in-person event or the digital platform.

We look forward to seeing you in New Jersey and sharing how Oracle and the ONUG Collaborative’s joint work will help you as you consider the security of your multi-cloud deployment.  

Author's Bio

Maywun Wong

Director of Product Marketing at Oracle