ONUG Fall – It’s a Wrap

For those of you who joined us for ONUG Fall – Thank You! If you were not able to join us, I hope to see you at a future ONUG event, and be sure to check out the videos and presentations on our ONUG Fall archive site.

ONUG Fall was more than three times the size of our program last year. The Community included thousands of Global 2000 IT executives and practitioners, from nearly 100 countries, and more than 1,200 unique companies including Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Ford Motor Company, Wells Fargo, M&T Bank, UPS, US DOD, American Airlines, Disney Streaming Service, Citigroup, GE, Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Fidelity, Cigna, Target, and 100’s more.

The high level of interaction and engagement the community generated  throughout the conference was unprecedented.  Sponsors, speakers and attendees utilized our  platform’s various networking tools to interact via video and chat, and shared with each other their thought leadership, experience and solutions that  support our members’ shared objectives of building, running and securing the enterprise cloud, as its now THE business platform for their digital enterprise. ONUG’s conference content, along with the platform we provide to gather the community together, is recognized by our attendees as an invaluable resource as they pivot to become digital enterprises, particularly during these times of hyper-acceleration to service customers, partners, suppliers and employees digitally.

As we look beyond ONUG Fall, we continue to reinforce our message that the enterprise cloud is the solution to a post-COVID world. Thanks to the cloud’s speed, agility, and business continuity attributes, the cloud has enabled many companies to continue to serve their digital consumers in these challenging times. Companies who have invested in their digital infrastructure have not only survived, but thrived, in 2020. They are the clear winners this year. 

The story is not all positive though. We understand that there are huge gaps in public cloud tools, operations, and governance that need to be closed. We addressed many of these obstacles to digital transformation at ONUG Fall and we will continue to address them here at ONUG, collectively and collaboratively in 2021 and beyond. If you are interested in getting involved in any of the ONUG Working Groups, which serve as a vehicle for change in the Enterprise Cloud arena, please contact Paul Agranat

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Nick Lippis

Co-Founder and Co-Chair ONUG