ONUG Fall: Deconstructing Private Data Centers and Building the Enterprise Cloud

The unprecedented global pandemic has fundamentally changed behavior. Where we go, the products we consume, how we consume them, the supply chains that deliver them and the way we work and interact with each other has all been altered. All the digital transformation best practices ONUG Members have adopted and espoused over the years, have entered into hyper-acceleration mode. ONUG member corporations are fundamentally changing to address and service the needs of digital consumers, partners and suppliers. During this process, skill sets, technologies, processes, budgets, market access, supply chains, etc., are being readdressed  and reinvented with an eye toward digitization. 

During ONUG Digital Live last May, and with the release of the ONUG Collaborative’s first work on Automated Cloud Governance, we explored how governance controls technology. The community grappled with COVID redefining the future of work with where and how it gets done via Remote WorkForce (RWF) projects that massively spun up in short notice. Corporate culture and organization structure is changing and with that, so too is managing people, processes and technology. We just touched the surface of these issues in May but will dive deeper at ONUG Fall and define the radically new IT corporate purpose. 

Large corporations are shifting toward AI for business automation processes and insights plus the construction of the enterprise cloud as its business platform. The two are tightly interrelated in that AI-driven businesses motivate enterprise cloud adoption. At ONUG Fall, the ONUG Collaborative will demonstrate the industry’s first multi-cloud Automated Governance reference implementation so as to control information and data in the enterprise cloud era, thus increasing enterprise cloud options, choices and consumption.   Automated cloud governance provides the tools to enable a shared responsibility model that has been talked about but lacks large scale implementation. The enterprise cloud is the future of not just corporate computing, but corporate survival, offering speed, agility, AI, business continuity, disaster recovery, etc. In short, the Enterprise Cloud is the solution to the post-COVID “new normal.” 

The big question that most are asking now is: what, if any, infrastructure stays on-prem? During ONUG Fall, the community will gather to debate and discuss how best to deconstruct private data centers and construct their digital enterprise future with a heavy dose of cloud and mobile computing.  The economy provides a backdrop to this Fall’s discussion as many anticipate a slower recovery that will constrain resources. There’s a lot to discuss; the future of the digital enterprise is here much faster than we thought it would come. There is no time to waste, laggards will be left far behind and may not survive.  See you at ONUG Fall.

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Nick Lippis

Co-Founder and Co-Chair ONUG

Co-Founder and Co-Chair ONUG