ONUG Fall and Digital Transformation Building Blocks

In less than one month,the global enterprise cloud community will convene for a 100% digital live ONUG Fall. Taking place October 14-15, the community will focus on the alignment of business and digital strategy for value creation via building and running of secure digital enterprises. Not only will digital transformation underpinning technologies and approaches be explored, but models to align IT organization, skills and culture to enable digital success will be discussed.

The unprecedented global pandemic has fundamentally changed personal and consumer behavior, work environments, social interaction and corporate structures. The digital transformation best practices ONUG members have adopted and espoused have entered into hyper acceleration mode and the enterprise cloud has become THE answer to corporate survival in the post-COVID world. 

The digital experience is systemic and fractile. ONUG corporations are forced to fundamentally change to address and service the needs of digital consumers, partners, suppliers and now employees.  During this process, skill sets, technologies, market access, supply chains and more are being rethought and re-invented with the enterprise cloud as the primary enabler. As companies shift to the cloud and out of the on-prem data center, the most obvious question is, what, if any, infrastructure stays on-prem.   During ONUG Fall, the community will gather to debate and discuss how best to deconstruct private data centers and construct their digital enterprise future. Let’s not fool ourselves too as there are huge gaps we all need to work on to successfully pivot to become digital enterprises, all of which will be explored at ONUG Fall.

So be sure to join us for what will be our largest ONUG to date. ONUG Fall 2020 will deliver more than 75 expert speakers and 55 insightful sessions, and it is expected to be attended by approximately 3,000 attendees. Technology sessions include data and analytics, hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure, machine learning and AI Ops, SD-WAN, cloud observability, cloud security, automation and orchestration plus much more. Be ready to get involved in a community wide advocacy program that uses our combined massive spend, influence and engineering talent to close the biggest gaps of cloud adoption.

The big pivot to be a major brand in the digital economy is on and ONUG Fall is the only forum dedicated to exploring enterprise multi-cloud use case architectures, exciting new innovations and solutions to challenges facing the enterprise in the cloud arena. 

The place to be October 14-15 is with us, digitally, at ONUG Fall. 


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Nick Lippis

ONUG Co-Founder/Co-Chair

ONUG Co-Founder/Co-Chair