ONUG Collaborative Update – February, 2022

The first quarter of 2022 has been incredibly busy and exciting for the ONUG Collaborative. As ONUG rallies around the multi-cloud attributes of Connect, Secure, Observe and Automate, the Collaborative Working Groups have gained improved focus on how to deliver value to our members. There are several initiatives worth highlighting:

  • The Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF) is the open source initiative being led by ONUG, bringing order to chaos in cloud security messaging. The ACG Working Group is getting ready to present the MVP iteration of CSNF at ONUG Spring 2022. We’re excited to show the community where we are and even more excited to invite you to participate!
  • The Network Cloud Working Group is releasing its white paper on the importance of elastic infrastructure in a multi-cloud world. If you’re looking for guidance on the key principles of networking in today’s multi-cloud context, watch for this paper to drop by next week.
  • The Orchestration & Automation Working Group will be hosting a pavilion at ONUG Spring 2022, which will show live demonstrations of the most important O&A features aimed at enabling your enterprise.
  • The Cloud Native Security Working Group has launched a series of blogs and podcasts on operationalizing Zero Trust. Check it all out on ONUG.net to understand what Zero Trust really means and how to implement these principles into your playbook.
  • The AIOps Working Group has just launched an effort to write a white paper on AIOps specifically for the ONUG Community. There will be no fluff in this paper, only the value that ONUG members are accustomed to and expect.

If you haven’t considered being part of the ONUG Collaborative, now is a great time for you to get involved in this community and help shape the objectives and narrative for all things multi-cloud.

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Mark Tierney