ONUG 2020 Focuses Community Efforts on the “Enterprise Cloud”

ONUG 2019 was focused on building and running the secure digital enterprise via hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. The ONUG Board decided to build upon this work and focus our significant community resources on the “Enterprise Cloud.” At ONUG, the Enterprise Cloud is the primary business platform in which a corporation becomes a digital enterprise driving digital revenue and operational efficiency. Central to this journey is the building of hybrid/multi-cloud infrastructure to deliver digital experiences and brand value to customers, partners and suppliers at scale and speed. ONUG believes every enterprise needs to consider the following software building blocks when executing an enterprise cloud strategy. These five building blocks map into the ONUG Working Groups.

  1. SD-WAN 2.0/Networking: Multi-cloud connectivity includes SD-WAN from equipment suppliers and increasingly from managed service providers, colocation vendors, 5G suppliers, service providers and increasingly cloud providers. The SD-WAN 2.0 Working Group is focusing on a new concept called “cloud internet” that connects all cloud providers to the large enterprise. 
  2. Automation: There are three ONUG initiatives on automation in 2020, including the Automation and Orchestration Working Group, AIOps for hybrid/multi-cloud environments and a new Automated Governance for the enterprise cloud Working Group. Automation is the only way to reduce operational cost and tech debt; this will have a huge focus in 2020.
  3. Cloud Security: Cybersecurity and data protection are front and center issues within the ONUG Community. Assuring an application’s security policy is enforced locally when it’s spread across a hybrid/multi-cloud environment is the focus of this working group.    
  4. Cloud Observability: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” is the old management adage, and this is so true in the cloud era. ONUG monitoring and analysis is focused at the intersection of network infrastructure and applications within a hybrid/multi-cloud environment. This building block enables operational teams to observe an application’s performance as it spans between on- and off-prem environments.   
  1. Cloud Native DevOps: In 2020, ONUG will build upon its DevOps work focused on institutionalizing DevOps best practices in the large enterprise ONUG Community. There is a new ONUG Cloud Native DevOps Steering Committee populated with the best minds in large enterprise DevOps to guide the community on its enterprise cloud “people, process and tools” journey.   

ONUG 2020 will lead the industry in enterprise cloud so that all can pivot and become digital enterprises.  Learn more about our ONUG Spring event. 

Author's Bio

Nick Lippis

Co-founder and Co-Chairman, ONUG