2019 What an Exciting Year: November ONUG Report

What an exciting year it has been for the ONUG enterprise community. Last month in NYC at ONUG Fall, hosted by Cigna, Senior level IT executives and DevOps professionals from over 1100 large enterprises attended to share and hear the latest on building – running and securing the digital enterprise. Over 65 leading ONUG vendor partners delivered digital transformation proof of concept solutions that make up the industry’s software building blocks. There were so many great takeaways, but this one in particular was memorable.  

Leading IT organizations are a solution integration “business engineering function” that is stitching software building blocks together via service meshes, APIs, RPA etc. to deliver excellent digital outcomes to surprise and delight their growing number of digital consumers and supply chains. This says it all as to the state of our industry. As corporations become more and more digital they will transform not only the technology they use but how they deploy and organize human capital to deliver digital value. Business and digital strategy are one and the same. With only 11% of the S&P 500 having technical committees on their boards, it’s safe to say we are only at the beginning of the digital era.

The ONUG journey and conversation continues as we engage with the tech scene community in London on Dec 4th and 5th sponsored by Bank of America. We’ll explore topics on automation & orchestration, cybersecurity, observability, AIOps and SD-WAN for hybrid multi-cloud environments are on tap. A full cloud native DevOps track is populated with leaders in the European community to talk about the latest in microservices, DevOps Dojos, chaos engineering, site reliability, serverless and  everything you wanted to know about enterprise cloud migration but were afraid to ask. We’ll also have 20 proof of concept demonstration showing what is possible to build today to support digital projects.  

If last year is any indication as to what to expect this year, then the social cocktail receptions will go long and hard.  Can’t wait for ONUG Europe at the gorgeous National Gallery in London.

Author's Bio

Nick Lippis

Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, ONUG