Multicloud Connect, Secure, Automate and Control

The ONUG Community of Global 2000 firms spoke loud and clear at ONUG Fall 2022 in Manhattan, hosted by Raytheon. Enterprise computing is multicloud computing. The community knows multicloud delivers the widest range of options and choices for developer and infrastructure teams to address business requirements. Also, it was clear that multicloud is being required by regulators to mitigate concentration risk. The point that became crystal clear is that every IT organization needs a multicloud strategy and most importantly, an operational plan. This new thinking in the large enterprise environment is beginning to be reflected in market share changes between AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle, IBM Cloud, etc. As ONUG finishes up 2022 and prepares for 2023, our focus will be on helping the community address multicloud.

The ONUG Collaborative of working groups will take the industry lead in working with IT suppliers to develop and showcase multicloud enablement solutions around connectivity, security, automation and most importantly, control. In 2022, Cloud Service Provider (CSP) IaaS/PaaS/DaaS spend was nearly $494.7B, according to Gartner and projected to grow to $600B in 2023.  

What market share and addressable market numbers never show is the consumption complexity associated with a trend line. Complexity can increase or decrease spending. At ONUG Fall, multicloud complexity was described as such:

“Lack of a best-practices blueprint. There are just too many products, in too many locations that require too many experts”

According to the ONUG Community, Gartner’s projection will fall significantly short if there aren’t a wide range of solutions to enable multicloud consumption across connectivity, security, automation, and control. Here are the multicloud areas that the ONUG Community will address in 2023:

Connectivity: The Network Cloud Working Group is envisioning a new wide area networking model for the enterprise cloud era. ONUG defined and developed the $5B SD-WAN market, this new Network As A Service (NaaS) market will be some 5% or more of cloud spend or $25B, a 5 x larger market than SD-WAN. This market includes cloud edge, direct connections to SaaS, IaaS/PaaS/DaaS providers, 5G integration, and much more. A new way to do computer networking in large enterprises is taking shape in this working group.

Security: According to Fortune Business Insights, the cloud security market will be a $33.1B market at the end of 2022, growing to some $106B by 2029. ONUG Collaborative’s work on Cloud Security Notification Framework or CSNF will massively reduce toil for Security Operation Center (SOC) analysts and engineers and increase the efficiency of existing security infrastructure. This is enabled with the development of a standard approach across CSPs to send telemetry and logs to consumers. CSNF goes into production in 2023; get ready to download and pilot CSNF in your environment.

Automation: Infrastructure automation is the Holy Grail to operationalize Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and Network Operations Centers (NOCs) for the cloud era. This is where Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence play a major role in enterprise computing. So many ONUG companies are focused on this space such as Gluware, NetBrain, Augtera, Broadcom, IPFabric, Itential, and others.  

Control. Control mitigates complexity. In the Policy as Code Working Group, there is a focus on enabling developer tools to encode business policies/rules within their applications while the infrastructure enforces policies across CSPs and on-prem. This work also provides consumer controls to automate audits and assure compliance. The bottom line is that corporations need control of their infrastructure to avoid being in the press for all the wrong reasons.  

ONUG will bring the best operational business practices to the community in 2023 as well as a wide range of choices and options to build your digital infrastructure. We’re so excited for 2023 and look forward to your participation in the community. Get involved in the Collaborative here and mark your calendar for ONUG Spring 17-18 May in Dallas, and ONUG Fall 10-11 October in Manhattan. Sign up for ONUG 2023 event updates here.

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Nick Lippis