Letter from the Publisher: April 2020 ONUG Newsletter

ONUG Digital Live is just a few weeks away and we’re ready for the best virtual experience in the industry. This ONUG is a special edition on Automated Cloud Governance. Why are we focused on this? Because governance gets in the way of all digital transformation projects and is usually the root cause of failure, thanks to lack of control of information and data, look no further than CapitalOne.

At ONUG Digital Live we’ll deliver the first framework for automating cloud governance, a creative commons paper, with a big ask for all cloud providers and IT suppliers:

The collaboration of FedEx, Cigna, Raytheon Technologies and ONUG is asking that every cloud provider deliver a standardized event notification framework taxonomy. That is a common way to communicate security notification information (alerts, events, logs) from different cloud providers with consistent meaning and syntax so they may be coded and thus automate mitigation responses and assure compliance to policy and governance. This “ask” is the foundation of automated cloud governance.

We’ll ask all ONUG members to put this language into all RFPs and to communicate this ask to all IT suppliers. Governance will be a big topic but so will automation, elastic infrastructure and the largest IT organizational transformation in more than 30 years as DevOps becomes institutionalized and silos fall. At ONUG Digital Live the conference is free to the enterprise cloud community and there will be two ONUG working group Creative Commons papers distributed. One paper is a framework to deliver automated cloud governance mentioned above and the second is on infrastructure orchestration and automation. This is our collective contribution to the industry, it’s the gift of collaboration and being part of a community. Together and collaboratively we will create something great that benefits all. I so look forward to seeing you online, May 6th and 7th at ONUG Digital Live.

Author's Bio

Nick Lippis

Co-founder and Co-chairman, ONUG