Infinidat Continues to Enhance the InfiniBox SSA and Adds SSA Functionality to InfiniBox Hybrid!

Infinidat continues to enhance its award-winning enterprise storage solutions. Our announcement on September 20, 2023, adds a couple of significant capabilities to our InfiniBox SSA and Hybrid storage platforms.

First, let’s talk about our capacity enhancements to our InfiniBox SSA II: We have doubled the capacity of our all-flash system. What does that mean and why is it important?  

It’s important because we are known for high performance at scale, doubling capacity while continuing to offer the best latency in enterprise workloads which is significant, even with an effective capacity of 6.6 PB of storage.  As we know, more and more performance sensitive workloads need ultimate, low-latency performance, but in many cases that means you have to sacrifice capacity to get that performance. That is not the case with Infinidat’s storage platforms, we provide capacity-at-scale and never sacrifice performance to gain capacity. As well, our customers and the industry continue to consume more storage exponentially, as businesses continue to be even more data driven. The ability to store large amounts of data means that applications and associated workloads can be better aligned to perform at their peak at all times. It also gives our customers better economies of scale. It’s important to understand that today many workloads require not just block for performance but need very high-speed file protocol support for many workloads, too. We have that covered with InfuzeOS, our powerful operating system that drives all our platforms.  

As for cost savings, having twice the capacity and not sacrificing performance is a key economic driver. IT OPEX is a large cost for any enterprise, and with our additional available capacity in the same footprint and power envelope, means that your cost really doesn’t change at all!  On top of that you have all the aspects and power of InfuzeOS driving easy management, 100% availability, guaranteed performance and of course our amazing cyber resilience and recovery capabilities with our InfiniSafe technology and associated recovery guarantees (link to our website page on guarantees). In fact, IDC published a study based on existing InfiniBox customers and found that Infinidat delivers a return on investment (ROI) in 11 months, on average, and tremendous savings in many significant areas of the data center.  See the whole story here.

Now that you know more about the SSA, let me introduce you to SSA Express!  It will be available as part of our InfuzeOS 7.3 software release in Q4 this year.  What is SSA Express you say?  Simple…. We have built into InfuzeOS, specifically for our InfiniBox hybrid platform, the ability to assign applications and workloads to our flash layer.  Creating an area akin to embedding an all-flash array inside of the InfiniBox of up to 320TB. Yes, it is as if a mid-sized all-flash SSA is inside of an InfiniBox hybrid.  Awesome, right!  And the SSA Express software is FREE – yep, FREE. We had a lot of customers say I don’t need a full SSA, but I do have a few smaller workloads that I want to have on all-flash, and I don’t want to have to go buy other systems when we have so much success with Infinidat…. 

How can you say no to that? We didn’t, and the outstanding efforts of our development team has provided us with this capability. SSA Express software enables a customer to have performance sensitive workloads on all-flash in their hybrid InfiniBox!  Depending on the capacity needs, with SSA Express you have up to 320TB of flash capacity, and, if you need extra flash capacity, all you have to do is buy an SSD Acceleration Kits, have it installed and BOOM…. You have what is akin to an all-flash array inside of your InfiniBox!   All the same great capabilities of our SSA!  Snapshots, replication, cyber storage resilience and recovery, low-latency for real-world application performance, simple management, all our autonomous operations and as always, our white-glove service and support. Why add another product to your data center floor, just for a couple of small all-flash workloads, don’t do it!  Just use SSA Express.

We continue to “raise the bar” on our enterprise storage solutions and bring the features, functionality, and value that makes our platforms so compelling.  Come join the Infinidat family, if you haven’t already.

Author's Bio

Bill Basinas

Senior Director, Product Marketing, Infinidat