Gearing Up For the 7th Annual ONUG Fall in NYC: August Newsletter

ONUG has expanded dramatically over the past year, and much of this will come into focus at ONUG Fall in NYC on October 16th and 17th. The community has expanded to embrace enterprise technologists building upon its IT business leaders roots. That is, as community member companies become more and more secure digital enterprises serving digital customers, the lines between the chief information officer, chief technical officer and chief digital officer organizations are being redrawn. Thus enterprise technologists have found their way to ONUG to meet with their peers and IT professionals, to engage with some 60 sponsors offering software building blocks upon which to build digital offerings, to get trained and educated at ONUG Academy, to see some 50 proof of concept demonstrations, to learn about reference solutions that promise to reduce time to digital market and risk, and to learn how much peers are spending on digital transformation projects and how they are organizing staff to maximize great digital outcomes.  

Whether you are new to ONUG or have been attending for years, ONUG in NYC is the event to be at this Fall. At ONUG, we help you focus on the technical underpinnings to successful digital outcomes: building hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure and the new organization/skills and culture run model.

So if you’re an enterprise technologist, IT executive, IT architect, in an enterprise cloud group, a native cloud DevOps pro, in cybersecurity, operations, a digital doer, etc, ONUG is the place you want to be to further your professional digital journey. 

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Author's Bio

Nick Lippis

Co-founder and Co-Chairman, ONUG